LoL: These are the Season Kickoff emotes

Following the Season Kickoff, the winners of the event worked with Riot designers and brought these new emotes.

Two months after the start of the LoL Season, the special content in commemoration of the event arrived. This Thursday, Riot Games presented the emotes made by the designers in conjunction with the Season Kickoff winners. Here at CodigoEsports we tell you when they will be available on the official server and the teams that participated.

At the end of 2022, the developer of Riot Games introduced the Season Kickoff, an event that would replace the old All-Stars. In this case, this friendly tournament came with the aim of kicking off the new competitive season, giving a first glimpse of what the leagues would bring this year. To give additional value to the competition, Riot announced that Season Kickoff winners would have a chance to have in-game emotes. After a few months of work between players and designers, this content has already been revealed and will soon be available on the official server.

All Season Kickoff emotes

Looking at the finished emotes, we can quickly appreciate that many of them are based on community memes from League of Legends. For example, the mythical «Crab9» for the funny move where Blaber gives up his life to take the Crab out of the river. On the other hand, there is one based on the meme of Deft and the Alpacaor the one of FlyQuest and the bees with Florianna’s skin. In some cases, they simply chose a champion with their respective team logo, such as that of Fnatic (Zeri), KOI (Rakan), Kai’Sa (SK Gaming) Yuumi (Evil Geniuses), or Gragas (KT Rolster). Below is a complete list of the teams that participated in the creation of these emotes.

Teams that participated in the emotes




  • flux
  • RED Canids
  • PaiN Gaming
  • KaBuM! sports
  • Liberty Esports





  • Detonation FocusMe
  • psg heel

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In short, they are a total of 32 emotes that will be introduced to the customer in patch 13.6the next March 22. In addition, the profits obtained by these gestures will be shared among the participating teams. Although the price they will have has not been revealed, it is most likely that their individual cost will be 350 RP, which is that of any normal emote.

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