The lost League of Legends game that Riot erased forever and will now be key to the future of the company – League of Legends

The story of League of Legends It’s full of deleted chapters. Even the name of the video game changed before reaching its final version. It’s something that a lot of people don’t remember, but originally the name was “League of Legends: Clash of Fates”. The last name disappeared during the beta and over time the deleted item drawer has only gotten bigger. Even some characters have changed so much that we already think of them as champions erased forever. However, perhaps the most forgotten of all is a video game. Many memes with which the s of Riot Games did not mean anything until recently, but the company had already released its second video game in 2009.

League of Legends: Turret Defense, a game deleted by Riot Games

The affirmation has a bit of a trick, but in this house we do not tolerate lies. League of Legends: Turret Defense was an exclusive game for iPhone and iPod Touch which was released alongside the official version of League of Legends. A somewhat chaotic project of which hardly any traces remain today. So much so that not even the best historical sources to learn about the Riot Games video game speak much about it. We know that was available in the aforementioned 2009 and was removed sometime the following year. At the time, the company promised to make it a flash game available to everyone, although it never followed through on this promise and nobody really cared.

Although we will now go into more detail, the truth is that League of Legends: Turret Defense is exactly what you imagine. A mobile game that combines strategy with wave defense. The problem comes when we turn to the comments of the time. We anticipate that there are not many things written about it, although there is an interesting one. “The fact that it is free may be related to how little polished the video game is.. There are no statistics, there is practically no information on how much damage each type of turret deals or what effects we get when upgrading them. Also, the enemies that will appear in the next wave are not shown.” wrote about the game in the middle NineOverTen.

Don’t think that the media that wrote about the game were the only ones pissed off. The players didn’t take this initiative very well either. in the extinct video game forums that we can review thanks to WayBackMachine We found comments from relatively angry people. “Every time I go above level 70 in infinite mode, the game crashes randomly“said one user. Another pointed out a no-brainer. “There are so many better Turret Defense games for iPhones (…) once you get past level 50 it’s pretty meh,” says another. Our favorite kept it simple: “Spend your time and money making the game better, not these horrible iPhone apps.“.

Lol Turret Defense

This is what League of Legends looked like: Turret Defense

The truth is the game was, frankly speaking, pretty cheesy. The reason is the easiest to guess. The sole intention of this second Riot Games video game was to promote the first. Perhaps it was not a very good plan because there was a lack of work everywhere, but the plan was for it to go viral in the app store at the time and little else. Good proof that it wasn’t very fun is that the option to advance the game faster was available. It was also too simple when it came to playing, and the only challenge players reported were some flying monsters that didn’t follow the marked paths, moving in a straight line through this modified version of Summoner’s Rift. However, once known they ceased to be a threat.

The birth of a star at Riot Games

Maybe the game was so bad for a very simple reason. Although he published it Riot Games, they went to a subcontractor to develop it. They did it hand in hand with Orange who employed a trainee student to do it. Xavier Faber he was in charge, in five months, of “creating the concept, defining the mechanics, balancing and adjusting the gameplay”. Okay, so we found out later that this guy was a marvel at making video games, but it doesn’t matter if you’re the Albert Einstein of development when you’re not fully formed yet. However, We have rarely seen such a cool path in an industry employee.

After starting his stage as a developer in this small project, he was involved in another mobile game and took small leaps in his career. he worked in Asobo Studio (The Crew, Kinect Rush), went through Wild Sheep (WiLD) and made the big leap with Ubisoft (Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Hyper Scape and Immortals Fenix ​​Rising). He left the French company just three years ago and got a new job you can guess. He signed with Riot Games to become one of the main producers of Teamfight Tactics and now leads the production team of a new video game of the company yet to announce.


The development of TFT was relatively similar to that of League of Legends: Turret Defense, using an alternate version of Summoner’s Rift in its first version.

As for Riot Games, the ending is more bittersweet. The company went ten years without releasing a new video game from this small mobile version. Worse still, it seems that he did not take much liking to smartphones. When had the opportunity to collaborate with Tencent to adapt their MOBA to iOS and AndroidHe rejected the offer. That game that the company wanted to create ended up being made anyway, being known as Honor of Kings and becoming the most successful title in history in terms of revenue. All so that, years later, a Wild Rift would arrive that by no means has been so well received throughout the world.

In any case, In the middle of 2023 Riot Games continues to be one of the most important video game companies on the planetand your projects are progressing at a good pace. It may have missed such an opportunity, perhaps because of the aftermath of this strange launch, that still makes managers lament. However, one forgets when one takes a look at the number of monthly players of League of Legends. Also, they might never have recruited a key employee for the mentioned new project if they hadn’t tried this Turret Defense.

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