This is why Pikachu doesn’t talk


It is almost impossible to find a person who has not heard of Pokemon. The phenomenon that emerged during the 90s is still in force and its fans make it evident every time something like Pokémon GO or a new edition of the traditional RPG in two versions. We are even about to witness a new era with new characters in this franchise.

But there is something that we all wonder, regardless of whether we are fans of the series or if we are just a normal person who sees these creatures everywhere. This question is why Pikachu doesn’t talk like other pokemon like Mewtwo or Meowth? Despite the work done by Ryan Reynolds in the film detective pikachuwhich gives a good reason as to why that Pikachu specifically does speak, this remains a mystery in the back of our minds.

Well, the director of the animated series, Kunihiko Yuyama, decided to end this concern from the audience and gave an explanation. Through an interview, Yuyama highlighted the importance of communication between ash and pikachu through gestures and sounds, achieving a unique relationship between both protagonists.

The director also revealed that at first it was thought that Pikachu would speak as an equivalent of Meowth from Team Rocket. But they finally decided that a non-verbal communication was more realistic and interesting to develop the plot.

non-verbal communication between ash and pikachu it became a hallmark of the series from its first chapter and is one of the reasons why the series continues to be so popular among fans. Despite the fact that the franchise continues to evolve preparing new movies, games and animations. What continues to be a central element of it all is the unique relationship between Ash and Pikachu.

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