Three new League of Legends games are coming this year, including The Megaseeker

Riot Games has published a video where they show us the intention to launch three new League of Legends games throughout this year. Well it’s true that two of these titles had already been announced, now The Megaseeker is added, which together with Song of Nunu and Convergence, are the protagonists of the promotional video published on their YouTube channel. Each of the titles will arrive at a different time of the year, so we must be aware of new announcements.

But they have told us more or less when they will arrive. So that, the first of them that should arrive will be The Megaseeker, developed by Digital Sun, and which should arrive this spring on PC and consoles, although we still do not know which consoles in particular. The Megaseeker is the latest announcement made by Riot and that puts the Spanish studio fully on the roadmap for new League of Legends games.

Three new League of Legends games are on the way

The Megaseeker is described to us as a wizard seeker framed in a 2D action role-playing game. It will be starred by Sylas and it will take place in Demacia, also as we have said before, it will reach consoles and PC, so Riot is fully committed to this title. It should be remembered that Digital Sun are responsible for Moonlighter, so care in development is guaranteed.

The next to arrive should be Convergence, which would arrive this summer and which was revealed to us for the first time back in 2019 during The Game Awards. Ekko will be in charge of accompanying us on this Double Stallion 2D platform adventure, which will offer us parkour and time manipulation mechanics. Convergence, like The Megaseeker, will be released for Xbox and PC consoles via Steam and Epic Games.

the year will close it Song of Nunu, which will arrive in the fall and in which Tequila Works puts us in the shoes of Nunu and his yeti companion Willump in an adventure in which they must find Nunu’s mother. The game will focus on puzzles where we will have to work with the two characters as a team to overcome these environmental puzzles. The team in charge already has experience in this type of game, since behind them they have titles like Rime or Gylt.

So the year 2023 arrives loaded with new League of Legends stories, and with a good variety of style and developments. Riot has ensured that 2023 will be a year full of releases and expansion of the League of Legends universe with games that completely depart from the MOBA that has generated so much fanaticism over the years. Can any of these titles embrace this fame and rank among Riot’s most beloved games?

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