E-sports are growing and in Mexico they are no longer just a game

Although nine out of 10 people have a smartphone, the connection quality is still not as good and stable throughout the country, which translates into unequal access to online games and creates a significant challenge for the growth and consolidation of electronic sports.

In this regard, Echeagaray highlights the efforts of Riot Games to solve this problem: it has a version of its game, called Riot Direct, which focuses on reducing the latency of the people who play to make the title more accessible to more people.

An opportunity to reach more audience

Those responsible for electronic sports leagues in Mexico are aware that the understanding and good reception of these disciplines goes through a generational issue, however, the current context is changing and it is increasingly accepted that children seek a professional career in the videogames.

“Those of us who grew up with video games will now let our children play. This produces a natural evolution, so in the future we will see more people who are gamers”, estimates Echeagaray.

Regarding the non-endemic public, the one that still does not play regularly, the person in charge of the ACE League highlights that although it is not an audience that they directly seek, it is influenced by younger generations, as well as by public figures from traditional sports who They are entering this business, such as soccer players Raúl Jiménez, Jesús Manuel “Tecatito” Corona and Miguel Layún, who own teams that will participate in the Valorant Challengers League.

“The highest priority is to give the best quality product to the public that we already have now so that it grows little by little, because we know that evolution will come naturally,” he concludes.

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