Everything you need to know about VALORANT patch 6.05

A new update is about to hit VALORANT. Riot Games has presented the official notes of the patch 6.05 from his shooter. A week ago, the developer finally implemented a Gekko, the new launcher that seems to have had a great reception in the title. However, Riot wants to keep updating this operator to get it in the best possible state. And this VALORANT patch 6.05 It will serve to give those changes to Gekko.

Far from it, we will also find a series of bug fixes that directly affect this agent, as well as the game itself. From Riot they want, mainly, correct all errors that pertain to the game in terms of gaming experience, social and performance systems.

Without further ado, here we leave you the official notes from VALORANT patch 6.05.

Agents of VALORANT Patch 6.05


  • Improved target selection [Q] –Wingman by placing and deactivating the Spike in certain elevated locations.
  • sound improvements: Added sound variants for the explosions of [C] –Mosh; improved the sound of plasma explosions [E] – Dizzy to easily identify if you are flying towards an ally or an enemy.
  • Visual Effects Improvements: Added visual effects when Gekko picks up an orb and when he finishes picking up the globule; improved the visual effects of the globules of the enemy creatures; Improved performance on agent selection.

VALORANT Patch 6.05 Performance Updates

  • Added ‘CPU to GPU Timeout’ metric in performance settings to let all players know if the computers in question are throttled by the render chain.

VALORANT Patch 6.05 Bugs


  • Gekko:
      • Wingman will now take melee damage.
      • Friendly Gekko’s orbs now no longer display white outside of Custom Copy mode.
      • Gekko’s animations on his abilities should no longer cause issues.
      • Fixed interface [X] from Gekko that would remain on screen if the round ended while Thrash was set.
      • Wingman can now disable the Spike after using the Switch Team command in a custom game.
      • Fixed issue that allowed Wingman to travel too much distance if airdropped to place the Spike.
      • Mosh’s damage can now no longer be avoided when jumping while crouching in the area.
      • Wingman now activates the [C] – Cypher’s tripwire.
      • The incorrect animation now no longer plays when casting Wingman.
      • Gekko can now place the Spike in Spike Rush mode if Wingman’s placement is stopped.
      • Fixed in the English version of the game the name of the ability «Mosh’s Pit» to «Mosh Pit».

gaming experience systems

  • Fixed scope bug where the ‘Import’ button would be grayed out if players had 10 or more saved scope profiles.
  • Fixed issue where damage over time from area skills could be avoided when crouching.


  • used memory: Performance metric is now updated when the “Total Memory” performance metric is disabled.


  • Fixed bug that caused players to appear repeatedly in the friends list in case of disconnection from the platform.
  • Fixed the bug that caused the system notification confirming the sending of a friend request to sometimes show a blank space.
  • Fixed bug that caused when activating the ‘Automatically reject friend requests’ option, pending friend requests would continue to be displayed. They will now be automatically rejected when the option is activated.
  • Fixed bug whereby adding a message notifying players that they will also not be able to play in Competitive Queue if they currently have a communications suspension.
  • Voice descriptions should now render correctly when toggling party/team voice chat on and off.
  • The invite menu should no longer flicker.
  • Deleting a friend who was online should update the number of friends.

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