Source 2 is very close: Steam already registers it in a database

At the beginning of March, historic news broke out for the video game sector: counter strike 2 It is practically developed and its beta would arrive at the end of March 2023 or at the beginning of April.

The news was released by Richard Lewis, one of the most important journalists in the esports sector, so his information was not only believed by the community, but by the entire sector in general, beginning to hype up For the news.

The fact that Counter-Strike is going to have a second version without prior news, and that it could arrive in 2023 has made the mouths of all fans of the mythical shooter by Valve.

Counter-Strike 2: A dream come true?

A few days after the news, we have more news from the very steam databasewell recently added an exe called CS2Which doesn’t seem like a coincidence.


This, without official confirmation, means practically nothing, since countless executables with different names are added to Steam and may never come to light, but it is progress taking into account the truthful information from Richard Lewis.

This added to an alleged leak of maps that would be in Counter-Strike 2 They bring the hypothetical release of the game even closer to the end of this same month of March in its closed beta version.

There are still a few days left to confirm the news, but the community can’t stand the hype and official accounts of teams, media or players do not stop troll about the game output, including the best in the world: s1mple.

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