PlayStation Plus for the month of March: games at no additional cost

PlayStation announces the news of game catalog and from the catalog of classics of playstation plus for the month of March.

PlayStation Plus for the month of March: great games that come together at no additional cost

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announces titles coming this month Without aditional costs in the game catalog, for the levels of PlayStation®Plus Extra and Premium, and what’s new in the classics catalog for the PlayStation®Plus Premium level. And that they join the great games already seen that arrived this month at the service, such as Battlefield 2042, Minecraft Dungeons or Code Vein.

Games catalog (Extra – Premium)

Below are the new titles that from March 21 will be available at no additional cost to PlayStation®Plus Extra and Premium subscribers. It is a total of 14 games, among which the following titles stand out:

Award-winning developer Naughty Dog brings the player the UNCHARTED: Thieves’ Legacy Collection experience, which includes the two critically acclaimed single-player adventures UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End and UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy. In this installment, the player will discover the lost history and travel around the world in search of extraordinary adventures and forgotten knowledge together with the thieves Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer, two enormously charismatic and multifaceted characters. Titles have been remastered with enhanced graphics, higher frame rates, and incredible detail for the PS5™ console. UNCHARTED: Thieves’ Legacy Collection It has a Metacritic rating of 87/100.

It is a tropical open world adventure title where the player will embark on an adventure leading Tchia to rescue her father from the cruel tyrant Meavora, the chief of the archipelago. To do this, you will have to climb, slide, swim, sail by boat through beautiful islands while exploring a sandbox Packed with physics, take on the cloth soldiers created by Meavora in open-ended encounters, and control any animals or objects you encounter. The player will be able to make new friends and improvise with the ukulele that he will be able to play freely. tchia available to PlayStation®Plus Extra and Premium players from its launch day.

It is an action-adventure title in which deadly supernatural forces, controlled by a dangerous occultist, have invaded Tokyo, causing the city’s population to instantly vanish. The player will have to ally with a powerful spectral entity in his quest for revenge and master a powerful arsenal of abilities to uncover the dark truth behind the disappearances as he faces the unknown. Ghostwire: Tokyo It has a rating of 75/100 Metacritic.

In this emotional narrative adventure, a very special power will be the key to solving an intriguing mystery. Alex Chen had always believed that his hidden abilities were a curse, his supernatural empathy abilities allow him to sense and manipulate the feelings of the people around him. However, after the death of his brother in a supposed accident, this power might be the only thing that helps him discover what really happened. Life is Strange: True Colors It has a rating of 83/100 Metacritic.

It is an open world game that combines humor and stealth and puts the player in the feathers of a goose wreaking havoc in a quiet town. The player must travel through the city, from the courtyards to the shops on the main street and the park, playing pranks, stealing hats, squawking a lot and annoying its inhabitants. With a dedicated button to squawk! Untitled Goose Game It has a Metacritic rating of 80/100.


Untitled Goose Game

This installment of the legendary fighting saga, Street Fighter, brings the player an enhanced combat experience based on classic 2D combat and a large cast of iconic fighters to choose from with different abilities and unique stories. In addition to the classic modes, the player will be able to enjoy an improved mode on-line that will put you to the test against other players from around the world or watch other fights as a spectator in a new mode.

This edition includes Street Fighter V and the 2,000+ articles of supplemental content published for the game. Includes all 24 additional characters currently available up to and including Season 4, for a grand total of 40 to the original 16! Street Fighter V: Champion Edition It has a rating of 82/100 Metacritic.


This is the complete list of titles that will be added to the PlayStation®Plus Extra and Premium catalog on March 21:

anger 2

Classics catalog (Premium)

Below are the new titles coming this month at no additional cost to PlayStation®Plus Premium subscribers. It is a total of 3 titles, which will be available from next March 21:

  • Ridge Racer Type 4 for PS1™

The action on four wheels of the acclaimed driving saga Arcadian, ridge racer, returns to PlayStation® with a spectacular visual style, a sublime circuit design and a brutal soundtrack. This installment is based on a Grand Prix format with several races, where the player must choose a team to join and with a wide variety of cars to unlock. Ridge Racer Type 4 It has a rating of 88/100 Metacritic.

Ridge Racer V

  • Ape Escape 2 for PS1™

In this installment of the classic adventure saga, Ape Exhaust, Specter has invented a new card game that is taking the world by storm, which is helping him in his plan for world domination. The player must prepare to match the monkeys with Specter’s rock-paper-scissors cards (there are 300 to collect) before competing with them in more than 100 challenging mini-games. Ape Escape 2 It has a rating of 82/100 Metacritic.

Sony Ape Exhaust

  • Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror for PSP™
In this installment of the acclaimed action saga Siphon Filter, Gabe Logan, a precision operations agent for a secret United States organization that does not officially exist, discovers a project known simply as “Dark Mirror”. To neutralize this global security threat, Logan must infiltrate, reconnoitre the area, and act decisively. The player will be able to enjoy this installment, originally released for PSP™, with improvements such as higher resolution rendering, rewind, quick save and custom graphic filters. Siphon Filter: Dark Mirror It has a Metacritic rating of 87/100.
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