AuronPlay confirms after his return to Twitch that there will be no Tortillaland this year, but confirmed Minecraft Extremo 2 and Saw Minecraft Games 2

After the controversy between the Catalan streamer and his Biyín girlfriend, AuronPlay decided to return to the purple platform a week ago to give various announcements and greet its huge community of viewers, they did not take long to ask him thousands of questions, such as the future of streamers’ seriesamong them, one that is quite a lot and that many fans were asking about its continuity.

Tortillaland would reach its third season this year, but AuronPlay announced that there will be no continuity of this series for this year, according to the streamer, the series needs to take a long break, we suppose, to reinvent itself and come up with something completely newThis also opens a debate about how oversaturated and repetitive this type of series has become.

On the other hand, the streamer confirmed that Minecraft Extreme 2 and Saw Minecraft Games 2 will return by Septemberso some series will have continuity, however, this marks a milestone for many viewers who were looking forward to the third season of one of the most beloved series in the community.

While it is true that the format of the series is extremely repetitive and needs to be reinvented, it is also true that it is extremely entertaining and generates a lot of content almost automatically, so it is difficult for them to eliminate or abandon a series out of nowhere. Events seem to be a more attractive format for most involved in the world of streamingboth for its accessibility to all audiences and for brands and streamers that organize them.

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