CSGO 2: Valve changed its cover again, joined the wave of memes on Twitter and registered the CS2 trademark – Is the announcement of the new Counter Strike imminent?

During the last time the CSGO community has not slept because of the rumors of Source 2 and now Valve gave signs. More info, in this note!

While the community of CSGO is impatient for news or an official word regarding Source 2, Valve he finally gave signs but not in the way we all expected. The company in charge of developing each Counter Strike spoke to its fervent users with memes!

It turns out that since the beginning of the rumors of the possible implementation of the engine Source 2 to the tactical shooterthe fans of CSGO started posting on Twitter a series of memes where can you see for example leaks or ironic leaks when using fragments from other video games such as GTA V.

However, what no one saw coming was that Valvethrough the official account of CSGO in Twitter, also copy when answering messages from the community under the same format. Without writing a single word, Valve used memes that include the hilarious michael scottcharacter of the sitcom The office interpreted by Steve Carellon two occasions.

The first was in his reply to the official account of ESLofficial tournament of the popular video game, where the members of the transmission tried to decipher the exact date on which CSGO 2 could appear and, later, Valve reappeared with memes of The office to answer the networking personality called flOm who “claimed” to have tested the game beforehand.

While these interactions do not confirm to us that the rumors are real, the simple fact that Valve joins this trend could be interpreted as a nod to what is to come. On the other hand, a important clue that the community saw has to do with the cs2 log by Valve.

According to some images published on social networks, the owners of Steam introduced to the brand CS2 in order to own the copyright or copyright. If we look at the captures in detail, Valve would have made the move on the day March 14. In addition, the registration number that appears in the section of claimed properties is 5857740figure that belongs to the original CSGO.

For now, as a complement, recently Valve he changed his photo again Twitter coverthis time by choosing to enter a logo white color and blue background: the one who will accompany CS2?

For those who wish to be aware of all the rumors involving the shooter of Valvewe invite you to review our dedicated notes in the Web of CultureGeek.

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