He is one of the most important characters in the history of League of Legends, and now he returns to the game with great force thanks to the changes in Patch 13.6 – League of Legends

After going through a dark period for the last six months, Riot Games has finally traded Vayne.

A new patch arrives League of Legends and with him a champion who has not enjoyed much prominence in recent months will return to the game. Vayne It was set to dominate the game with last season’s big update, and sure enough, it did. However, her period of brilliance was somewhat lacking. In the same Version 12.10 in which she was supposed to reign among the champions, she ended up receiving a nerf due to her excessive power. Ephemeral coronation that lasted just ten days and gave way to a period of ostracism. From May 25, 2022 to the present, he had not received any attention by Riot Games. However, the situation changes with imminent effect.

A champion returning to League of Legends at the best of times

Patch 13.6 introduces a general power reduction for marksmen that attacks both some of its most characteristic items and runes. It is a small damage that Vayne will also be subjected to, but to a lesser extent since her characteristic items do not receive changes. In contrast, Riot Games has made a very interesting adjustment to the shooter that promises to make it stand out from its rivals. It’s just three adjustments and they’re not even fully positive. Despite this, things are looking very good for the Night Hunter.

The premises of this increase in power have been clear. Marksman loses some of her ability to finish off the opposing team’s highest health champions late into the game. However, this small sacrifice leads to two gigantic improvements. His Q (Spin) increases the damage dealt very considerably and will be a more consistent mobility tool. Besides, the W (Silver Bullets) will have increased damage in the first level of the game in exchange for a slightly lower ceiling.





speed Movement: 30

speed Movement: 45

Q – pirouette

Bonus Damage: 60-80% AD

Attack duration: 7 seconds

Additional Damage: 75-115% AD

Attack duration: 3 seconds

w – Silver Bullets

Damage: 4-12% of the target’s maximum health as true damage

Damage: 6-10% of the target’s maximum health as true damage

The exchange is remarkably favorable for the character. He will continue to be one of the best champions in all of League of Legends when it comes to knocking down mountains of life and resistances, but now he will also have an easier time acting against the rest of the heroes and will have a laning phase with more possibilities. Besides, the increase in mobility is very important. Previously, Tumble’s empowered basic could be active for seven seconds and the ability doesn’t go on cooldown until it’s cast. Now, after only three, it will automatically BS, giving Vayne more opportunities to escape and chase.

In Riot Games they are quite clear that the champion will improve considerably their benefits after the next patch and, in fact, they are somewhat afraid. While the changes are aimed at boosting her winrate in bot lane without any dramatic consequences for the game and just as an incentive to get players back into using her, things could get out of hand at the top of the map. The company has ensured that they have a contingency plan ready for Vayne top in case she becomes too popular a choice among gamers. League of Legends or be too successful in this very position.

It is very difficult to gauge the consequences of a change before it arrives in League of Legends, but the truth is that it seems positive. Vayne has always been one of the community’s favorite characters.However, its popularity has fallen over the years and the appearance of new options. The fact that has not had the clear periods of dominance that other characters have enjoyed nor does it help you to rectify the situation. In this sense, it may be that the reductions in power to your competition and your own improvements allow you to have that new opportunity that you have been needing for a long time.

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