It’s the news that everyone has been waiting for since the game’s launch: Riot Games reveals a big change in TFT updates – Master Tactics

The developers of Teamfight Tactics have announced that, from now on, there will be three new sets every year.

Riot Games steps on the accelerator fully with Teamfight Tactics. After several years following the same update model, the video game is going to undergo a gigantic change. Starting with the release of the upcoming Set 10, the traditional content review that takes place at the midpoint of each set will be removed. instead of doing ‘mid sets’ as next 8.5, the developer will bet directly on increase the number of complete sets released each year. Thus, three completely new sets will be introduced each year: one every approximately four months.

Riot Mortdogone of the great architects of Teamfight Tactics who continues to lead the game’s development, explained the situation: “Quick recap: Set 9.5 is going to be the last ‘mid set’ for TFT. As of the next Set 10, the video game will go to a model with three large collections each year. One every four months. The development team has always been quite small, but we have been preparing. We have hired and others (..) Set 10 is already passing playable tests. We are a long way ahead. This will help us release better sets, and you’ll be able to play more sets each year.”

Although to enjoy it we will have to wait for the launch of Set 10, announced by Riot Games for him coming winterThis is a very positive development for the video game. Launching a new collection is the equivalent of receiving new toys for Christmas. All sectors of the community are looking forward to this moment and the fact that they are going to be more frequent will be a real treat for the players. In addition, this increase in equipment it will also mean that there will be more events and game modes. “The TFT team is growing, we are getting very big and you are going to have 33% more of the game every year,” Riot Meddler concluded.

TFT Will Get Bigger Updates Than Ever

A complete reset for Riot Games

The truth is that, lately, everything seems to be going well for Riot Games. After having started the year badly with a big crisis in League of Legends and a computer attack that negatively affected Teamfight TacticsThings are going smoothly for the company. All his video games seem to have recovered the good rhythm and, with news like this, they are making sure that any hiccups that have occurred lately are behind the community. It was not easy to get their recent expansion back on track, but it seems that they have finally succeeded.

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