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  • There is time until March 24 to sign up for esports leagues and tournaments.
  • On this occasion, the competitions are Electronic Football, Minecraft, League of Legends and Valorant.
  • All the final instances will be played in a mega gamer event scheduled for April 15. There are prizes worth $400,000.

Registrations for the competitions that will make up the first part of the 2023 grid of the eSports Córdoba Program are still open. The four activities that will be held during the months of March and April will have the closing date for registration on Friday the 24th of this month.

This is the second Cordoba Cup of Electronic Football, a new Minecraft Intercollegiate League, the League of Legends Tournament and the first edition of the Valorant Women’s Tournament.

In all cases, the qualifying and preliminary rounds will be held, which will come together in the “eSports Córdoba fest”, a mega gamer event that will take place on April 15 in the blue pavilion of the Córdoba City Fair Complex.

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Among the novelties, it was announced that the Electronic Football Cup It will be open to clubs from the provinces that make up the Central Region (Santa Fe and Entre Ríos) and, in addition, that the LoL Tournament will have two categories, professional and amateur.

From the 2nd edition of the Cordoba Cup of Electronic Footballsports clubs, schools and electronic clubs from the province of Córdoba participate, as well as sports clubs from the Central Region.

Regarding the 2nd Edition Minecraft Intercollegiate Leagueschools from all over the province are summoned.

The 2nd edition of LoL Provincial Tournament It is open to armed teams from the province and gamers without teams. This year, the novelty is that it will be divided into professional and amateur categories.

Finally, the 1st edition of the Valorant Women’s Tournament will have teams made up of women and girls over the age of 14 from all over the country.

The purpose is to continue with the development of electronic sports in the Province and, at the same time, promote new skills in girls, boys and young people through video games.

For these competitions, like the previous year, gamers from all over the province are summoned, who can register for free on the platform

Who can participate?

The League of Legends Tournament is designed for everyone who is interested and meets the following requirements to participate.

Be over 16 years old.

Complete the pre-registration form.

Form teams of up to 5 people that must be made up of at least 3 starting players who are residents or natives of Córdoba.

Tournament modality

The competition will have a first instance online that will include 8 qualifying tournaments. Those teams that, at the discretion of the referees committee, are rated with high ELO will directly access the second round of the Tournament.

It will be played under the 5v5 modality on the Summoner’s Rift map plus the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, the semifinal and final instances will be in person at the Blue Pavilion of the Córdoba Fair Complex on April 15. Those players who do not have a team can register in the same way and the tournament organization will put them in contact with other players.


There will be prizes for the winners, worth around 400,000 pesos.

Technical requirements:

To participate, each player must have at least one PC or notebook with the following requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Processor: 3GHz
  • RAM memory: 2GB
  • Available hard disk space: 12 GB minimum
  • Graphic card
  • Screen resolution: up to 1920,1200

For the face-to-face instance of the semifinal and final, a device will be provided for each team member.


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