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Are you already tired of the same strategies in TFT? The self-managed chess of League of Legends will be updated on March 22 with new champions, mechanics, and factions you can choose to dominate in matches.

The Void Walkers, Team Infinity, and the malevolent Little Legend, Onewhiskers Ultra Threat, collide in a chaotic convergence that left Spatulapolis…with a System Error!”, Riot Games details in the patch notes.

glitchy carousels

One of the elements that will completely change the gameplay are the carousels. You will find in your games carousels of characters that carry up to two items during phase 2, 3 or 6.

The later the glitched carousel arrives, the better items you will get and higher level characters. As if this were not enough, you will also find item anvils on the carousels.

new champions

The mid-set update brings characters from the future through rifts from other dimensions. These are the champions joining TFT.

  • Lucian: Speed ​​Shot, Level 1 Renegade
  • Pantheon: Tier 1 Heart
  • Sivir: Tier 2 Tyrolean
  • Shen: Defender, Level 3 Hacker
  • Twisted Fate: Duelist, Tier 4 Spellcaster
  • Ezreal: Parallel, Tierfino Tier 5
  • Pyke: Level 2 Hacker
  • Vex: Tier 3 Pet
  • Jhin: Tier 4 Renegade
  • Miss Fortune: Ace, Tier 4 Animalia Squad
  • Morgana: Threat Level 3
  • Garen: Defender, Mecha: Tier 4 PRIME
  • Warwick: ADMIN, Brawler, Level 4 Laser Patrol
  • Aatrox: ADMIN, Brawler, Level 4 Laser Patrol

infinite team

Team Infinity opens a portal to another timeline. At the start of combat, any unit that is placed in the portal summons an alternate version of itself with a different story and item. Copies have reduced health and damage that are increased by trait trigger points.

As you reach higher trait trigger points, Infinite Gear units from the alternate timeline will gain more max health and more items.

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