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Innovative products from Samsung Electronics are offering fully immersive gaming experiences to users. Samsung Newsroom highlights some of the events and activities that demonstrate the optimal gaming performance of the new Galaxy S23 series

Gaming continues to take the world by storm, with more and more people looking to relax and connect with others through their favorite mobile and PC games. In line with this, innovative products from Samsung Electronics, including its new Galaxy S23 series range, are offering enhanced gaming experiences, helping users to immerse themselves more fully in the game.

Samsung Newsroom highlights some of the events and activities the company has organized around the world around the launch of the Galaxy S23 series.

Enter the metaverse with Galaxy in Latin America

Samsung Island in Fortnite

To connect with the growing user base of the Metaverse, Samsung Electronics Latin America has released a new map in the popular online video game, Fortnite. The new map, called Samsung Island, is designed around features of the Galaxy S product line.

As they explore the map and complete various in-game missions, players can interact more closely with the Galaxy ecosystem, and more specifically with the Galaxy S23. Players can use Galaxy S23 in-game to magnify distant objects in high resolution, allowing them to easily spot hidden Easter eggs on the map, and can also use the Nightography feature to see in the dark. Also, for added protection, players can enable the Knox feature.

Samsung Showroom also showcases the company’s sustainability efforts, including the use of recycled materials in Galaxy products and sustainable product packaging, giving players the chance to familiarize themselves with both the devices and Samsung’s eco-friendly values.

Igniting gaming passions in Southeast Asia and Oceania

In order to continue to meet consumer demands and industry trends, Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania (SEAO) has recently conducted an in-depth survey on gaming at SEAO. The results of the survey, conducted in collaboration with ONE Esports, revealed that seven out of ten online consumers in the region consider themselves gamers.

The survey also revealed that at SEAO, the main reason people play games is to relieve stress and relax, with respondents playing an average of seven hours a week.

As gaming continues to gain popularity, gamers can enjoy immersive gaming experiences right on their Galaxy device with enhanced gaming features and functionality available on the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Z Fold4, Galaxy A and more.

Clean the planet with Galaxy in Minecraft

To offer gamers a new way to interact with the Samsung brand, Samsung Electronics Iberia has announced “Diamond Planet 23”, a game server for the popular Minecraft game created by the Spanish content creator. @Regortread. Through the new server, caring for the new planet was promoted by recycling polluting material. By recycling, the user got new items such as Galaxy Map, Galaxy S23 Ultra in Minecraft and the chance to win a Galaxy S23 by cutting diamonds.

Players were also able to meet and interact with @Regortread and G∙NUSMAS, Samsung’s virtual avatar, to build a more technological and sustainable world.

Meet, greet and play with Galaxy fans in Brazil

Flakes (right) playing with the Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

Galaxy users in Brazil were able to experience first-hand the latest Galaxy products at Galaxy Experience, in the city of São Paulo.

Space visitors in Brazil enjoyed a gaming competition with Flakes Power(@FlakesPower), a popular Brazilian gaming streamer and member of #TeamGalaxy, a diverse team of content creators. Many attendees flocked to watch the competition, with a queue forming hours before the event opened. The competition was packed with exciting action and gameplay, and the fastest entrant in the competition was awarded a new Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G smartphone.

In addition to experiencing the latest Galaxy S23 5G lineup, visitors were encouraged to try pairing the Galaxy S23 5G smartphone with other Galaxy devices, such as the Galaxy Watch5 or Galaxy Buds2 Pro, creating a seamless connected device experience.

An epic Galaxy night in Romania

To celebrate the launch of the Galaxy S23 series in Romania, Samsung Electronics Romania launched its “Share the Epic from Night Land” event. “Night Land”, a gaming universe with cyberpunk aesthetics, offered guests the ultimate opportunity to explore and experience the exciting new features of the Galaxy S23 series.

Samsung also lit up the Bucharest night sky with a captivating drone show showcasing the Galaxy S23 series. Nearly 200 drones showed the story of a character who enters the Night Land and gets his power from the new Galaxy S23 series. At the end of the drone showcase the three new Galaxy devices (Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra) were highlighted and three of the four color options were also shown. from the series.

Capture your creativity with Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective

Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective returns for the second year to the United States. Designed to help both veteran and up-and-coming creators grow their platforms and develop their content, Samsung Galaxy Creator Collective is helping connect viewers with the biggest names in the industry.

On March 21 and 22, viewers will be able to tune in to a live broadcast on Samsung’s Twitch and YouTube channels and watch over 40 hours of content from leading content creators and social platforms. Creators like YouTube creator Marquis Brownlee, artist and #TeamGalaxy ambassador JADEN, electrical engineer Kat Echazarreta, and more will share their valuable insights on a variety of topics including audience growth, brand engagement, and more. further.

Samsung Electronics America will also host the Galaxy Battles Finals: PUBG MOBILE Showdown powered by Snapdragon® platforms, with the winner of the competition receiving a cash prize of USD 20,000, as well as other prizes from Qualcomm and Samsung.

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