This thriller with Jennifer Lopez is hiding on Netflix and deserves your attention

The film Never (Enough) is a 2002 thriller film directed by Michael Appended and starring Jennifer Lopez.

The story revolves around Slim, a waitress who runs away from an abusive and violent husband who is chasing her to get their daughter back. The film explores themes of domestic abuse, self-confidence and female empowerment.


Slim (jennifer López) is a happy and accomplished waitress who meets and falls in love with Mitch (Billy Campbell), a frequent customer at the cafe where he works. They marry and have a daughter together, but soon Slim realizes that Mitch is an abusive and controlling husband. He humiliates her, attacks her and isolates her from friends and family.

Tired of living under Mitch’s thumb, Slim decides to run away with his daughter, Gracie (tessa Allen), and starts a new life in another city. She changes her name and gets a job at a restaurant, but Mitch finds her and starts chasing her to get her daughter back.


Slim realizes that the only way to protect herself and Gracie is to confront Mitch directly. She enrolls in a martial arts academy and begins training to become strong enough to face her husband.

When Mitch finally finds her, Slim uses her new abilities to fight him and protect herself and her daughter.


The movie cast Never includes:

  • Jennifer Lopez like slim
  • Billy Campbell like mitch
  • Juliette Lewis like Ginny
  • Dan Futterman like joe
  • Tessa Allen like gracie

Front desk

Never received mixed reviews from critics. Some critics praised the performance of jennifer López and the film’s tension, while others found the plot predictable and the ending unconvincing.

Despite the criticism, the film was a commercial success, grossing over US$51 million worldwide. the performance of jennifer López was especially praised and led to the actress receiving a nomination for MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance.

Neveris a gripping thriller that explores important themes like domestic abuse and female empowerment. the performance of jennifer López how the protagonist is the highlight of the film, and the tense, action-packed plot keeps the audience engaged until the very end.

Although it received mixed reviews, the film’s commercial success and López to the MTV Movie Award are testaments to his lasting impact on pop culture.

Never is available at Netflix.

See the trailer:

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