when it starts, participants, rules and where to watch online

Minecraft Extremethe competition of the aforementioned game organized by AuronPlay in which the objective will be to survive as long as possible and be the last one standing, will begin very shortly. So little is left that it will start next Tuesday, January 17.

At the moment the exact time has not been commented, but it has been established that its duration will be a maximum of three weeks. To watch it online, all you have to do is connect to any of the channels of the players involved.although each one will broadcast -as is logical- during their own schedule.

All MineCraft Extreme participants

Minecraft Extreme. @Tortilla_Land

  • 8cho
  • aleiv
  • arigameplays
  • aroyitt
  • AuronPlay
  • Axozer
  • bijin
  • Breifr9
  • Carol
  • cristinini
  • From d
  • Deqiuv
  • Desst
  • edurne
  • elisawaves
  • ElMariana
  • focus
  • Folagor
  • Genesis
  • Goes
  • HitBoxKing
  • Ibai
  • magnetized
  • jackie
  • jcorko
  • jokki
  • josechrist
  • Joseph
  • JuanSGuarnizo
  • Karchez
  • Komanche
  • luh
  • Markilokuras
  • mayichi
  • miss andie
  • MissaSinfonia
  • Mixwell
  • girl
  • nilojeda
  • Noni
  • OllieGamerz
  • Duck
  • perxite
  • Polispol
  • quackity
  • reborn
  • Ricoy
  • rioboo
  • robleis
  • roier
  • Shadowune
  • Spreen
  • stratus
  • Tanizen
  • TheGrefg
  • Vicens
  • Violet
  • Viruzz
  • volcano
  • Zorman
  • Kajal
  • jcorko
  • elperite
  • Rubius (not pictured, but will be involved)

event rules

Minecraft Extreme. @Tortilla_Land

Among other things, various names and events have been confirmed. For example, the staff will carry out events, to name it in some way, that encourage the loss of life. Besides, the mines will be deactivated, as will the explosions.

It will be monitored that teams of expert players are not formed to avoid a great imbalance and there will be no maximum game time, although those who spend more time online may be harmed-

  • Each participant will have three lives. If they lose them, they will be kicked from the server.
  • It can be revived in any way.
  • Dead characters will leave behind a grave with loot.
  • The PVP is always active, but it should not be abused by those who know how to play less.
  • You can’t play without casting.
  • Looting from other players’ houses and chests is allowed. Houses cannot be entered through illegal methods.
  • You must participate and play once every 48 hours at least. The ESLAND weekend is set as timeout due to the event itself.
  • Groups of maximum 4 people can be formed.
  • Maximum four turrets per house.
  • Mandatory shaders.
  • Voice chat only. Forbidden Discord.

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