Which virtual video game store is better?

Steam and Epic Games, Two of the most important stores in the world for the purchase of video games online, have always given something to talk about due to their great competition. Although several years ago it was common for gamers of computer was to enter Steam, Epic Games It has come up with more accessible and complete content, according to some Internet users.

This platform has been gaining followers and admirers
for several games that contain exclusive offers, but above all, thanks to its free titles that are updated from acceptable to outstanding quality every year.

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Fortnite, For example, it is the game that has broken all the stereotypes for a paid product, since its innovation is one of the best due to its versatility and maneuverability that make it from 2017year of its release, in one of the ‘shooters’ most consumed by audiences.

Along the same lines, he has decided to strike another blow on the table and has included in its virtual store a new way of knowing and testing games which are not owned by them, but which gives small developers the chance to start generating a baggage in the medium.

The cost to be able to make these companies known about their games will be 100 dollars, but with two fundamental conditions:

This last factor has been the point of difference with other storessince SteamWorks only works with Steam, and the cross play It is not a mandatory requirement for Valve, but for the EPIC Games store it is essential to be able to make its users share these types of games with other people.

Steam continues to establish itself as the oldest franchise

This because in his possession he has a large number of unique and incomparable titles. Among them, the famous ‘Counter Strike’ which, almost fifteen years after its launch, continues to be his most profitable production.

Likewise, it has more than three thousand games in its catalog and as a curious fact, it keeps up to date more than 75 million active accountsmaking its users enjoy free games and exclusive games with a large number of offers of up to a 80% offthis is how Valve, the American video game company, has managed to captivate for more than 20 years to his audience.

Market wars will never stop and for this reason We have some differences that can help you select the best one.

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And then which one to choose?

It can be said that the decision on which is the best depends entirely on the taste of the user, because these two video game catalogs are very different in one way or another; in one you can find a wide catalog with several PC classics, as is Steam, but if you are looking for free games every month, updates and renewals of their best titles you should select Epic Games.

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