Wunder explains why he’s not playing for Fnatic in the LEC Spring Split

Published: 2023-03-20T16:00:26

Updated: 2023-03-20T16:00:35

Fnatic top liner Martin “Wunder” Hansen has explained why he is not playing with the team in the LEC Spring Split.

Following Fnatic’s disastrous winter split in the LEC, the roster of League of Legends underwent great changes. The team had the worst result in the history of the organization with a 2-7 in the regular season and staying out of playoffs.

For this reason, the team decided to modify the player squad with players from Fnatic TQ, the club’s academy team who play in the Super League. In this way, Wunder was replaced by Óscar “oscarinin” Muñoz while the support Rúben “rhuckz“Barbosa was for Henk”Advent” Rejenga. Likewise, at a technical level Gonçalo “crusher” Brandão was replaced by Tomáš “nightshare” Kněžínek.

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With all this, during streaming of Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera, Wunder decided to silence the rumors that he had refused to play with Fnatic during the Spring Split.

People are like: “There should be repercussions if a contract player refuses to play for a team.””, he explained. “They think they know everything.”.

Wunder explains why he’s not playing for Fnatic

When asked by IWD about what happened during the off-season, Wunder explained that he didn’t think the roster being put together for the Spring Split would work. Due to this, he made it clear that he was not going to participate in the tryouts for the team.

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[El split de] winter was a disaster [y] they wanted to continue with the tryoutsWunder explained. “The team they were doing the tryouts with wasn’t a team that gave me much hope, so it wasn’t worth doing tryouts if I didn’t want to play with them.”.

It doesn’t make sense to do tryouts. That’s what happened. They wanted to try Óscar and I didn’t want to try either, so that’s why they went with him.”.

Since the beginning of the Spring Split, the team has struggled to find victory and Fnatic fans have not stopped criticizing the team’s performance.

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Wunder had been a Fnatic player since December 2021 and had since finished third in both the Spring and Summer Splits.

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