’00s teen star Amanda Bynes is hospitalized after being found naked in the street

One of the top teen television stars of the 2000s, Amanda Bynes was institutionalized in Los Angeles after suffering a psychotic episode on the street. According to TMZthe actress was rescued by the emergency after being found walking naked on a street in the city where she lives – she herself would have called the police after approaching a vehicle that was passing by.

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Still according to TMZ, the professionals who rescued Amanda Bynes, now 36 years old, took her to a police station near the place, where the star of All That A Girl Wants was examined by professionals of mental health. Then she was taken to a psychiatric clinic and must stay there for a few days so that she can receive proper treatment.

It is also worth mentioning that, until recently, Amanda Bynes was under the guardianship of her mother. In 2013, the actress was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after getting involved in risky situations for herself and others – at one point, for example, she set fire to her neighbor’s garage. A few months ago, however, things seemed to be calm and the artist was even confirmed as a guest at a fan convention in the United States.

Amanda Bynes’ last film was the comedy A Lie, starring Emma Stone and released in 2010. A few years earlier, she starred in her own romantic comedies, such as Ela é o Cara and SOS do Amor, in addition to being one of the main characters from the musical Hairspray: The Quest for Fame. Her best-known work is perhaps on the series Things I Hate About You, which ran for four years.

A few years ago, Amanda revealed that she had plans to return to acting and enter the world of fashion, but no project has been officially announced since then. In 2018, she even publicly apologized for her behaviors in the past: “I’m really ashamed of the things I said. I can’t go back in time, but if I could, I would. I’m sorry for who I hurt and who I lied to, because that It really consumes me, it makes me feel so awful and nauseous and sad. Everything that I’ve worked my whole life to achieve, I’ve kind of screwed up.”

Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth in All a Girl Wants

Photo: I Love Cinema

The actress has an Instagram profile, but has not updated her page since September 2020. At the time, Amanda was going through the end of an alleged three-week engagement with a man she met at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. In that same period, a judge ordered the actress to be admitted to a mental health treatment clinic.

Amanda had posted photos of an ultrasound that suggested she was pregnant – which was later denied by her lawyer.

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