30 Under 30 counter the European trend

Europe is not experiencing the best years of its history. The economic crisis is getting harder and harder to bear, natural disasters have hit the door recently and there has been a war going on for over a year in Ukraine. Forbes North America’s 30 Under 30 list arrives on a more positive note amidst the chaos.

In total, the list has 300 founders and entrepreneurs, who raised more than 3 billion dollars (about 2.8 billion euros) in capital. It was a billion dollars more than the 2022 group. Among the various businesses, companies that work to combat climate change, fraud and infections stand out.

FORBES Portugal brought together the outstanding young people in each of the 10 categories analyzed.

Simona Tabasco, 28
The Italian actress started acting at the age of 18, but initially chose to prioritize her studies. She did some work in Italy, such as the Netflix series “Luna Park”, but it was as Lucia Grecco in the highly successful HBO series “The White Lotus” that she was most noticed. Still, her dream remains to work on the other side of the camera as a director.

Media & Marketing
Jide Adetunji and Ibrahim Kamara, 28 and 29

The duo brings together art, music, culture and fashion in their digital media agency GUAP. “It’s a whole ecosystem where we’re able to partner with creatives, put them in our Web site or help them work with companies on a major campaign,” Adetunji told the US edition of Forbes. The agency has already worked with brands such as Nike, TikTok or Adidas.

Science & Health
Rochelle Niemeijer, 28

Antibiotic-resistant infections kill 1.2 million people a year. Rochelle Niemeijer, co-founder of Nostics, wants to help fight the misuse and overuse of antibiotics that contribute to this global problem. “In science, there are many failures and there are many experiments. It is really necessary to insist in order to achieve the objectives, ”she said.

Retail & Ecommerce
Eric (Kelu) Liu, 27

He founded HungryPanda in 2017, in the United Kingdom, with the aim of offering Asians some of the flavors of home that are harder to find outside the continent. Today, the company is already present in more than 60 cities in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. In 2022 alone, sales exceeded 200 million dollars (187 million euros).

Manufacturing & Industry
Roman Hölzl, 29

The labor shortage in Europe is what led Roman Hölzl to launch Robco. The Munich-based robotics company designs low-cost robots for small and medium-sized companies, so they can automate tasks that would otherwise be repetitive for workers.

social impact
Alisha Fredriksson and Roujia Wen, 28 and 27

After reading a United Nations report that claimed that human influence was “unequivocally” to blame for global warming, Alisha Fredriksson decided to take action. One industry in particular caught her attention: the commercial shipping industry, a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Along with her co-founder, she started Seabound, building a new carbon capture device that vessels can put on board to capture up to 95% of CO2 emissions.

Art & Culture
Isabella Weatherby, 28

Isabella Weatherby launched her fashion company Peachy Den in 2019 to fill a gap in her and her friends’ closets. “I was making clothes that my friends and I wanted to wear,” she said. Since then, it has not stopped growing and today it has well-known clients, such as Bella Hadid, Addison Rae and Olivia Rodrigo.

Robert Pasco, 29

In 2020, and with millennials in mind, Robert Plasco launched his personal loan company. “In 2017, I went bankrupt and had to go through various methods to get my life back,” said Plasco. “The pain led me to create Plend for people who cannot access affordable credit”. Co-founded with James Pursaill, Plend uses several indicators to offer cheaper loans without high interest rates.

Bence Jendruszak and Tamas Kadar, 28 and 29

With the constant danger of online fraud, Tamas Kadar is helping banks, online retailers and gaming platforms to weed out fake accounts. His Budapest-based tech company, Seon, which he co-founded with Bence Jendruszak, uses software to identify suspicious emails and phone numbers linked to a user. The software has already raised more than 100 million dollars (97 million euros).

Sports & Games
Jamie Chadwick, 24

The British driver continues to break barriers in the universe of motorsports. After winning the three championships that the W Series has had to date, she signed with Andretti Autosport and became a driver for the Indy NXT Championship, IndyCar’s development category. Chadwick became the first female driver in over a decade to compete in this league. “I want to get to Formula 1”, she assured her. “But my legacy: I want to inspire the next generation of women to get involved in sport.”

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