AuronPlay after taking photos with police officers: “Don’t upload them because they will think they have arrested me”

Like all citizens, AuronPlay has gone to the police to renew his ID, but the difference is that he is not an anonymous person. In one of his live broadcasts, the influencer from Badalona has related a curious story that took place when he went to do this job. Things got out of hand soon, since one of the agents has recognized him and in the end he has ended up taking photos with several of them. Of course, she has asked that they not be published to prevent people from thinking that they have “arrested” him.

“I was renewing my ID and the normal, nice guy. And suddenly a woman dressed as a policeman comes, he looks at us and says: ‘How are you?’ In the video, AuronPlay makes a confused face. He replied that he was carrying out this administrative procedure, not knowing quite what to say. “’No, it’s just that I follow you and such… my son, I don’t know what’… and nothing, we ended up taking photos”.

“Don’t upload them, it’s going to look like I’ve been arrested”

Seeing that the police asked for a photo, another curious officer approached him to ask if he was famous. “Well no, an internet idiot,” AuronPlay told him. The police continued to press and revealed his alias on the Internet. “’It doesn’t ring a bell, but are you known?’” he insisted. Then the agent wrote to his son and the situation spilled over: “We have ended up taking photos with five police officers. Do not upload them because they will think that you have arrested me”. According to the streamer, he asked that they not be published because it would appear that he had been “raided at home.”

AuronPlay has been in the eye of the hurricane for its controversial comments in the past. After the announced break, he has returned to live on Twitch and has participated in the Squid Craft Games 2. On the other hand, the streamer has dropped that the Minecraft series based on Game of Thrones It has been delayed and will not arrive, foreseeably, throughout this year.

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