Auronplay postpones its Game of Thrones series in Minecraft

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This 2023 aims to be a very important year for many content creators. However, others seem to want to take it much more calmly to the point of not belonging to as many series as in previous years. One of these streamers It’s Raúl Álvarez”Auronplay«. The content creator went through a gigantic cancellation at the beginning of the year and that, according to him, it took its toll on a mental level.

Far from returning to the big series, Auronplay confirmed that he wants to take some time and not devote so much content to series with other creators. These days it has become clear to us when we have seen him play titles like Contraband Police instead of being in Minecraft. And about Minecraft is the thing. Last 2022, Auronplay revealed that he was planning a Mojang video game series based on Game of Thrones.

We will not have Game of Thrones in Minecraft this year according to Auronplay

It was during his last live when the streamer spoke on this topic. After the question of one of his followers, Auronplay highlighted that the series «has been paused and will most likely be pushed back to next year«. Of course, we can always run into some kind of last-minute change, but as of today that’s what he thinks on this matter. If we add to this that days ago he made it clear that this year there would be no TortillaLand 3, It seems that there will not be so many Minecraft series in the hands of Auronplay.

What it has left us is that we surely have Minecraft Extreme, since it will not be something so heavy and it passes quite quickly. In one of his live shows he assured that the first edition was very good and he was left wanting more.

We will see what happens in the coming months. What is clear is that we are not going to find as many Minecraft series as in past years. At least in advance.

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