DualSense Edge controller support and more

The Steam Deck has become one of the most valued devices in the PC gaming community. We literally have a PC turned into a portable console, with much more power than a Nintendo Switch and capable of playing thousands of Steam games. On top of this we have amazing support from Valve a Steam Deckwhich has now received a update what makes her compatible with the DualSense Edge controller, game transfers on local network and much more.

For a few years now, portable consoles with PC hardware have been a reality and we currently have quite a variety. brands like GPD, AYANEO either ONEXPLAYER make very powerful consoles that come to be equipped with AMD GPU like the RX 680M. However, its price is very high and we see them above 600 or even 1,000 euros depending on the model. This is where Steam Deck appears and crushes them all, because with a current discounted price of 377 eurosthis console has no rival.

The Steam Deck is updated: game transfers and support for DualSense Edge

Performance-wise, the Steam Deck isn’t the most powerful console in the world, but it’s more than capable of playing the latest games pretty smoothly. But as they say, heuncontrolled power is useless and that is why we must talk about Valve. The company has been supporting the Steam Deck non-stop since its release, with constant updates and improvements. The last time we talked about them, it was a Beta update that added transfer of games between PC and Deck over a local network. This implied power pass the games without downloading them on the consoleall a success.

The new update published a few days ago, has left the Beta state and is already final, so officially we already have the transfer of games by local network. In addition to this, full support for the DualSense Edge arrives, where now we can reassign the rear buttons of this premium remote from Sony. has also been fixed a problem with Big Picture modewhich now opens correctly if we start the console with this mode.

The latest Steam Deck update brings dozens of changes and improvements

With this latest Steam Deck update, support for DualSense Edge and game transfers are just the beginning. And it is that, Valve has added dozens of changes and bug fixes total. If you want to take a look at all of them, we have left you the link and in the meantime, we summarize the ones that seemed most interesting:

  • options have been added HDR more advanced in developer settings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the chat messages they will not be sent during matches.
  • They have fixed the crash that occurred in the voice chat.
  • The large monitorsthe chat and settings windows will be displayed with a limited width.
  • The gyroscope of steam link it already works correctly.
  • Fixed controller vibration Joy-Con from nintendo.
  • Controller support Razer Wolverine V2.
  • Controllers are already supported xbox series x connected with the wireless adapter.
  • It has been improved gaming performance when using the Steam Workshop APIs.

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