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The Latin American League of League of Legends It not only has interesting matches and a first-rate audiovisual display, now they will share the content of the LCS or the North American League.

Through social networks, the LLA announced that they will work in a “duo” with the LCS to broadcast the playoff or qualifying games and also add the narration in Spanish.

“You already know about powerful duos like Lucian/Nami, Xayah/Rakan, Caitlyn/Lux, and even Aphelios/Thresh. Now we will unleash a new very powerful duo: LLA and LCS”, they detail in the official blog.

On March 23, the LCS Opening Playoffs will kick off and you will be able to follow the tournament through the same official LLA Twitch and YouTube channels.

The ‘roster’ or lineup of casters and analysts is as follows: Profe Andrés, Lord Jirall, Lenore, Magui Sunshine, Crafter, Nachittus and Raytone.

LCS playoff date and time

So that you can be up to date with the sports narrative and meet the teams, each broadcast day will begin with a preview of the LCS matches and teams from 2:30 PM (MX) 3:30 PM (CO-PE) 5:30 PM (AR-CL), followed by the clashes with the best narration and analysis.

This is the schedule for this season’s playoffs:

  • March 23-26
  • March 30-31
  • April 8-9

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