Marvel actress opts for a daring look with a side neckline and ‘tie’ on the red carpet next to her parents and grandmother | celebrities

Actress Florence Pugh opted for a daring look, with a side neckline leaving her breasts partially exposed and a tie, at the launch event for her new film. The 27-year-old celebrity attended the premiere of the drama ‘A Good Person’ (2023) with her parents and grandmother.

During his time on the red carpet, Pugh posed with both his parents, Deborah Mackin and Clinton Pugh, and his maternal grandmother, Pat Mackin.

Florence Pugh with her grandmother at the launch of the drama A Good Person (2023) — Photo: Getty Images

‘A Good Person’ is directed by actor and filmmaker Zach Braff, Pugh’s ex-boyfriend. The film shows the actress as a traumatized young woman recovering from an accident with fatal victims. The work still has in its cast with actor Morgan Freeman.

Florence Pugh at the launch of the drama A Good Person (2023) — Photo: Getty Images

Nominated for the Oscar for best supporting actress in 2020, for her work in ‘Little Women’ (2019), Pugh is Marvel’s new Black Widow. She acted with actress Scarlett Johansson in ‘Black Widow’ (2021) and returned to the role in the series ‘Hawkeye Archer’.

Florence Pugh took her parents to the launch of the drama A Good Person (2023) — Photo: Getty Images

Pugh still has praised productions on his resume such as the horror ‘Midsommar’ (2019) and the period drama ‘The Miracle’ (2022).

Florence Pugh leaving after the launch event of the drama A Good Person (2023) — Photo: Getty Images

The actress has been the target of rumors about an alleged relationship with a childhood friend named Charlie Gooch, with no ties to the entertainment industry. Despite her breakup with Braff, she and her ex show signs of maintaining their friendship.

After the ‘A Good Person’ launch event in New York, the actor was spotted having dinner with Pugh’s parents and grandmother.

Florence Pugh in a scene from the movie A Good Person (2023) — Photo: reproduction

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