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Milio is now available in League of Legends. Discover the best way to take advantage of it in our complete guide.

The new champions can be made to wait, but it is always a matter of time before League of Legends expand your roster of characters. Now the Milio’s scheduled launch date has arrived and it’s normal for questions to arise. This is one of the rarest supports from an artistic and story point of view since it is a male sorcerer from the Ixtal region. However, its gameplay can also be strange to us. This combination always translates into one thing: we want to play it, but we don’t know how. Don’t worry because that’s why we’re here. Below you can discover your best build, how to play it or what are its best companions and ‘counters’.

How to equip Milio: Complete build with runes and items

Although it is played in a somewhat peculiar way, Milio’s equipment does not hide any surprises. He will opt for the usual items and runes of other strongly defensive supports and will focus on keeping his allies alive by increasing their shielding or healing power. Don’t even bother trying to make him a hero that can deal a lot of damage to enemies or can be used away from the bot lane. Riot Games He has not had any mistakes on this occasion and wants the new champion to be used in a very specific way.

These are the objects that convinced us the most when doing tests

You can already see that we keep what we promise and the objects are quite simple, but We are going to explain why these seem to us the best.

  • Support item: The Sorcerer’s Dagger seems like the best option overall, but you can swap it out for the Relic Shield when you think you won’t have a chance to hit enemies or your marksman will have a hard time getting minions.
  • Shurelya’s Battle Song: Movement speed is the best option on most supports with characteristics similar to Milio. The Movement Speed ​​on her active is great for starting fights and makes up for her lack of engage. All mythic AP support items grant the same stats, but this passive is made for it. The alternative could be Moonstone Renewal, but we’re less convinced and generally underperform on other champions.
  • Ionian Boots of Lucidity: It is another section in which there is no debate. This object born of chance is one of the best in the entire game and the most used at high ranks. Unless you’re facing some very strange combinations as a double mage in the bot lane, there’s no reason not to buy them. Milio is bad at roaming so don’t bet on more movement speed.
  • Burning Censer: Although the item has seen better days, Milio can apply it very easily and in a very useful way. His W (Comforting Bonfire) is applied in area, so the item does as well. In this sense, he is one of the characters that can use it more easily and efficiently.

This will be our main item combination in most games, and as a complement we can…

  • Technochemical putrifier: Follows a logic similar to that of the Burning Censer. By being able to apply it in an area we can save a lot of money for the whole team. Perhaps it can be prioritized over ‘Ardent’ when there are more than two healing-focused characters on the opposing team.
  • Michael’s Blessing: Milio cannot cast his ult if he himself is under control effects. The object does not convince us too much, but it can be useful in certain circumstances or if we are being hunted too much. It is better to position yourself well and save money, which does not grow on trees.
  • watchful stone: If you don’t know what it is, give thanks. In very long games as a fourth or fifth option, it is one of the most efficient items in all of League of Legends.
Milio is only viable in support position

You have to be aware of the evolution of the video game, but it does not look like there will be many more options in terms of build. In games in which we bet on the Moonstone Renewal we can also buy the Fluid Water Staff, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to us. We will update this very page if we let anything slip during our tests. or, simply, reality surprises us with an alternative combination of objects.

Milio Summoner Runes and Spells

Milio’s lack of synergies with the vast majority of runes in the game leads us to think of only one option: the branch of Valor with Guardian as key rune. We chose it because it offers extra defense to allies, as well as opening up three interesting secondary choices. Shield Bash, Renewed Forces and Revitalize They are elements that are very good to have available and that complete this page.

Milio can’t vary too much in his runes either.

As a secondary choice, the best alternative seems to us to be the Inspiration branch. Cookie Delivery can save us the lane if we make a mistake (although at higher ranks Dematerializer is a better idea) and Cosmic Insight It comes in really handy to gain advantages over enemy support. Always one point to Ability Speed ​​and the other two to resistances depending on the game.

When it comes to Summoner Spells, there isn’t much of a discussion. Always Flash and if possible in the F, with the other hole to vary between Exhaustion either Turn on. We have not been able to test it yet, but we are going to keep an eye on whether it can be used with Clean in certain lines (in front of Ashe, Varus, Leona…).

How to play with Milio?

Milio has a bit of a unique gameplay, but he’s pretty easy to master. In the laning phase he must stay parallel with the shooter and try to wear down with basics or the Q (Ultra Mega Fiery Kick). You always have to keep an eye on the enemy jungler since this ball is his only tool to stop a rival initiation on ourselves. Removing this detail, simply we have to put shields and cures on our ally, although not only defensively. Milio’s Passive causes after casting a spell on a teammate, their attack does some extra damage and burns the target.

Milio has nothing to do when he is alone

In fights, the situation is practically identical, but the positioning changes. Your main objective with Milio is that the enemies do not reach you. You should avoid it by playing very safe. Put shields and heals on the team, using abilities when possible. When teammates are low on health or a key team member is crowd controlled, ult. You will heal everyone and you will clear any type of ‘cc’ except aerial takedowns. It is used for usually unstoppable ultimates such as Malzahar or Skarner.

When it comes to how to raise the skills, it is quite simple. You have to get the Q (Ultra Mega Burning Kick) up at the first level, but max W (Home Camp) or E (Warm Hugs) depending on allies or rivals. The shield is perfect against champions with burst damage and when we are accompanied by characters with low damage per hit or low attack range. The heal works best against poke heroes and champions with a lot of range or damage per hit.

The best partners and counters for Milio

If you’re going to play Milio with a friend, beg them to play Caitlin. This line is going to become a true aberration. We’ve said these words a few times, but Milio favors more characters with high damage per hit and high attack range. jhin either jinx fit this description and Kog’Maw, without doing it at all, can also be a good idea. Forget about other heroes like Kalista or Ezreal, who he doesn’t have much synergy with.

Milio wants teammates with good attack range and high damage on each basic.

When it comes to characters to counter Milio, think about heroes that have facilities to reach him or to connect a ‘cc’ on him. However, keep in mind that this second approach depends almost entirely on how well we play. If we use Leona to hunt him down easily and miss, she can leave our best skills useless. Diana, Malphite and Hecarim They are the best options from other positions, although there are many more: LeBlanc, Yasuo, Orianna…

With all this, you should be able to play Milio with guarantees, although if we were you we wouldn’t try it in a ranked game. Although it may seem easy, it is never a good idea to go for a ‘ranked’ without using champions that we have already mastered beforehand.

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