Minecraft crosses the wires with a Mega Man X DLC

Mojang announced a surprise crossover between Minecraft and the Blue Bomber Capcom Property, Mega Man X. In this new DLC for Minecraftusers can play with the iconic characters of Megaman through levels based on the series X.

The downloadable content includes 14 ‘skins’ with costumes that players can wear, as well as the soundtrack of Mega Man X. This DLC can be enjoyed alone or in multiplayer mode in the company of others. Throughout history, they will find villains of Mega Man X like Vile, mavericks Chill Penguin, Storm Eagle, Armored Armadillo, and Sting Chameleon.

As expected, the prospect of Minecraft should be set to the ‘side-scroller’ which is Megaman. Reason why it leaves the first-person view in favor of a more classic one like in the Capcom game.

When between missions, players can upgrade their characters with lightning bolts at the Hunter Base. In the same way, they will be able to improve their hearts to resist more damage or increase their additional lives.

How much does the DLC cost Mega Man X for Minecraft?

The DLC of Mega Man X for Minecraft It has a cost of 1340 Minecraft coins, which are about $8 USD or about 40,000 Colombian pesos.

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