now it will be a powerful tool to make any scenario imaginable with Unreal Engine

Epic Games He made a special presentation at GDC 2023 to present the news they have with Unreal Engine. As it was expected ‘Fortnite’ was a key part of the event and it was the perfect time to show how you can put your game together with your development tool.

He Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) is a free pc app which can already be downloaded from the Epic Games Store in its public beta version and which will use a script called “Verse”.

The interesting thing about the tool is that it will give ‘Fortnite’ absolute customization, allowing you to import elements such as textures, animations or designs to integrate them into a map.

UEFN offers the opportunity to use Verse for the first time, the new programming language. Verse is being designed as a new programming language for the metaverse, with future features that will allow content to scale into gigantic open worlds developed by millions of creators for billions of players.

Currently some map developers already had the opportunity to test the editor and the first results are surprising:

Welcome to GTA.

Returning to the original ‘Fortnite’ map.

Memories of ‘One Piece’.

When they are editing a map, there is a possibility that some user can test it in real time.

Another important change will be the creator economythe affiliate code disappeared and now the payment will be directly for interaction with the created maps.

UEFN is launching alongside Creator Economy and specifically Pay Per Interaction, a new way for Fortnite island creators to receive money based on how much players interact with the content they post.

Pay-per-Interaction proportionally distributes 40% of net revenue from the Fortnite Item Shop and most Fortnite real money purchases to creators of eligible islands and experiences, whether artist-created islands independent or Epic’s own islands, such as Battle Royale.

No doubt we will have a lot of new maps on the way, it will be a matter of hours to see the works of the community.

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