PachiMarchi gives away a large amount of XP to players

Again Blizzard Entertainment wants to reward the players of Overwatch 2which is why they’ve launched a new event that might be of interest to all of you who haven’t fully leveled up your Season 3 Battle Pass yet.

And it is that, the players are in luck, since the event PachiMarchi it will give you a ridiculous amount of XP with fairly easy challenges. PachiMarchi is an event that pays homage to Overwatch’s collectible onion stuffed animal, but to be honest, even those who aren’t big fans of the item will have reason to celebrate.

Why?… well, in total, the players who participate in the game mode Catch-A-MariOverwatch 2’s version of CoD’s Kill Confirmed, could earn up to 80,000 XP.

That’s right, Overwatch 2 and the PachiMarchi event offer players 80,000 Battle Pass XP. This is a game that features ten unique challenges that will award players between 2,500 and 40,000 XP each, and all players really have to do is check out the gameplay and either win or lose, but you’ll still be progressing.

Challenges range from completing a certain number of games with wins worth double, scoring points, denying points, or simply using jump pads. So once you’ve completed just six challenges, you’ll unlock the special Roadhog PachiMarchi skin along with 40,000 Battle Pass XP.

Unsurprisingly, so far, players have been going crazy over the event’s challenges, in fact calling it “the easiest yet.” So if you want to be a part of it too and have yet to complete your Pass As well as unlocking the Mythical Kiriko skin, this is your glorious opportunity to do so. Just hurry, because this event ends on Tuesday, April 4, so you have exactly two weeks to achieve it.

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