Right idea, wrong way

It’s been two days since it was revealed that Riot Games was going to place the VALORANT Women’s World Cup, the Game Changers Championship, at its central studios in Brazil.. This in itself does not seem like a bad idea, the problem comes from seeing the number of spectators that it will be able to accommodate.

The highest women’s world competition will only be able to accommodate 150 spectatorssomething that is very small considering that a few days ago it was announced that the Masters, which is not even the world’s top competition, will have two stadiums, both with more than 2000 people.

Leo Faria, the head of VALORANT as an esport, came out in defense of the decision, and with an argument that I consider correct. VALORANT is not divided into male and female, and therefore the GC Championship should not try to match the numbers of the Masters or Champions.

It is commendable that a unity between the two scenes is sought, and that professional VALORANT players can gain a foothold among the best in the Masters or Champions, regardless of gender. But currently it is not so. It is true that there are high-level players, but they are not given the opportunity.

It is true that the way they are seen is to create this type of tournament, purely for women, but it still remains very small. A month ago the Lock In ended, which was purely for men, with 32 teams. Why is the GC Championship only going to have eight? More teams would mean focusing on more players, and therefore more opportunities.

And speaking of focus. Won’t a GC Championship in a big stadium be seen more, and will it be considered more important, and therefore give more options? I don’t think it’s necessary for it to surpass the Masters, since I understand that one scene doesn’t follow the same as the other, but, from 150 to 2,000 there are many people.

This is why yes the idea of ​​doing and fighting so that the community is mixed and the competition is mixed, is good, but the way you’re trying to get there, not making the top women’s competition grow in infrastructure is not correct.

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