Riot will apply changes to the most coveted agent of VALORANT

Important changes are coming to VALORANT. Following past nerfs on Chamber and the arrival of characters like Harbor either Gekko, Riot Games has already set its sights on its next target. We are currently facing a well balanced agent but that is practically a guaranteed choice in any composition, something that the developer does not want to see in the shooter. Is about killjoya character that Riot developers are already thinking about.

The truth is that the arrival of gekko The game has changed part of the VALORANT meta. With all the pets that the new launcher has, it’s time to give the game a fresh makeover. And Killjoy would be one of the first affected by these balance changes.. It is not yet known what it will be about and if it will be any nerfalthough Riot does have the Controller on the radar.

Killjoy is in the eye of Riot Games

This is how he revealed it ValueLeaks on his Twitter account. At the moment we are not clear what the changes will be about this agent. After all, he recently received a nerf which increased the points needed to get his ultimate ability. This is a more than necessary nerf as players abused its power for quite a few rounds. Killjoy is currently an agent who, a priori, seems to be balanced, but tthere are still changes to be made.

Everything indicates that the balance adjustments on Killjoy are already in process. Riot Games’ next target could be Killjoy’s turret. The reality is that, although his health was reduced at the time, this companion of the Controller is still especially powerful on defense. But these are all assumptions, since it has simply been revealed that they will be balance adjustments.

For now, VALORANT’s next update will be very important. Many expect Gekko to receive some nerf after unleashing his true potential. If all goes well, it’s possible that Killjoy’s tweaks will also be implemented in the new version, so we’ll have to keep an eye out.

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