She is no longer the champion with the most LoL skins

The number of champions in League of Legends is enormous.. All these characters have their own cosmetics. Whenever they throw them, they all come up with a skin to older However, over the years we have realized that at Riot Games have some favorite characterssomething that on many occasions also coincides with the gaming community.

These champions usually receive more cosmetics than the rest. Ultimately, the skins they are a large part of the company’s revenue. Among these characters we find especially luxury and Ahri. Riot has already shown great affection for both champions and this does not seem to be changing. So much so that on multiple occasions we come across the meme of “another skin for lux«. However, that is going to change very soon.

Lux is no longer the champion with the most skins of LOL

With the patch 13.5several characters will receive new skins. Among them is Miss Fortunea champion who will now claim the throne of being that character with the most skins of LOL. With their new Broken Alliance cosmetics and broken alliance prestige edition she will become that champion with the most number of cosmetics. It will add a total of 19ending the reign of a Lux that will stay at 18 and that it will go to second place.

These two champions are followed Ahri, akali, ezreal, Caitlin, Riven and sivircharacters that have a total of 16 skins. On the other hand, among LoL champions with fewer skins others appear like Kled and Aurelion Sun. Both characters came to the game back in 2016 and just add three aspectssomething that their respective players have already complained about repeatedly.

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