The key player for the comeback of 100 Thieves

In two weeks 100 Thieves has gone from playing for participation in the playoffs to being one of the candidates for the title of champion of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). During this time the organization founded by Matthew Haag «Nadeshot» has overcome a losing streak of results without the need to make changes to its starting five. However, the positive streak of the thieves during this stretch of competition cannot be understood without a proper name: Yiliang Peng «double lift«.

Doublelift has shown himself to be the key player for 100 Thieves to qualify for the playoffs at the top of the table thanks to his kills. According to data from Oracle’s Elixir, the shooter has finished Spring Split of the LCS as the player with the most kills (104) of the competition. Along the way, he has bested FlyQuest’s ADC, Lee Chae-hwan.”Prince«, the main dominator of this statistic during most of the divided. However, in favor of the South Korean plays the fact of having a higher KDA.

Much of Doublelift’s comeback is due to how the last day of the regular season unfolded. FlyQuest played a tiebreaker against Cloud9 for the top position, however 100 Thieves had to play two. Holding a record of 10 wins and eight losses, the thieves had to pass the Evil Geniuses in CLG in order to land third place. Beyond the matches played, the shooter achieves the record in what is the season of his return after two years away from Summoner’s Rift at a professional level.

100 Thieves goes from suffering to dreaming

Within the LCS the comeback has had an impact due to the situation of 100 Thieves in the middle of the divided. The organization founded by Nadeshot had a losing streak of only one victory in three weeks of competition. For this reason, the entity opted to dispense with the services of Christophe van Oudheusden «kaas»as the first coach to count on those of Erlend Våtevik«nukeduck». Finally, in the short term, the replacement has shown to have an effect within the club.

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