The two venues of the VCT Tokyo Masters have been revealed

hA few weeks ago, the VCT Lock In ended, the first tournament of the new international VALORANT format. In the absence of the regional competitions starting, Riot Games has wanted to put the long fangs on us now.

And they have done it in the most effective way they could. After completing this first split, the Masters will take place in Tokyo. Now we know, thanks to the publication made by the developer, in which two stadiums the second international tournament of the season will take place.

Almost 8,000 people for the final

The Tokyo Masters is going to be the test for the clubs of the different regions that allows them to see their course towards the Champions League in Los Angeles. Neither team will want to miss out on being there, and EMEA will carry two teams due to Fnatic’s Lock In victory.

To start the tournament, the teams will play on the Tipstar Dome Chiba, a velodrome located in Chiba Prefecture, as the name suggests. It has space for about 2,000 spectators, who will watch the matches from June 11 to the 21 of the same month.

Both the lower bracket final and the grand final will be moved to another location. The Makuhari Messe, also located in the Chiba district, has space for more than 4,000 peopleand it will be the place where the tournament champion will be known.

VCT Masters Tokyo Dates

In addition, they have also presented the dates of the Tokyo Masters. As we have said, the 11th of Juneand will culminate with the grand finale, which will take place on the 25th. Two weeks of tournament in which we will be able to see VALORANT at the highest level.


  • Group stage: June 11 – June 14
  • First round high key: June 6 – June 17
  • First round low key: June 18
  • Second round high key; 19th of June.
  • Second round low key: June 20th.
  • Third round of both key: June 21.
  • low key finish: June 24
  • Grand finale: June 25th.

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