A Fortnite bug causes trees to disappear

Fortnite is facing a small bug that does not show the trees.

A Fortnite bug causes trees to disappear
The new season of Fortnite is now available.

Fortnite continues to be among the most played games today, Their updates continue to improve the content we have available, but like all games, Epic’s does not get rid of bugs. This time it seems that the game trees can disappear from the map leaving it completely clean. Something at least curious.

Since its launch in 2017, Fortnite has been growing exponentially. He has even made collaborations with all kinds of movies, series or video games; This has managed to fill the game with really famous characters like John Wick, Goku, Gohan, Piccolo or the protagonists of Resident Evil among others. As we say, the options are almost endless.

Goodbye to the trees of Fortnite

While the game has received a relatively recent graphical upgrade for current-gen consoles, that doesn’t make Fortnite bug-free. Due to its latest update, it seems that on some occasions the trees on the maps disappear, leaving not a single one on the entire surface. from the battlefield. Fortunately, Epic hasn’t removed the trees.

Epic, in response to a tweet has confirmed that this bug only occurs on PlayStation 5 and only when you are in the battle bus. Apparently some details are not rendering properly while you are thanking the bus driver, once on the island everything seems to be normal.

At first many people seemed to be confused by this graphical difference, but later They have continued to thank Epic Games for keeping the game up to date and bringing it to the current generation of consoles.. In addition, we are also waiting for a new first person mode. Of course, the developers are already looking into this, so they will surely fix this little bug soon.

Meanwhile we remind you that Season 2 of Chapter 4 is now available in Fortnite, this time Epic has brought a more futuristic world focused on Japanese culture. With an incredible sword as a melee weapon, as well as Mega City, a city with cyberpunk touches that contains most of the action in each game.

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