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Fire in the Hole! We will have Counter-Strike 2 and nostalgia seizes the hearts of the oldest gamers and fans of shooters and this glorious Valve franchise.

According to a report published on the Gizmodo website, the American developer announced this new CS, great news for players who have been playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive since 2012.

Valve explained that Counter-Strike 2 it will be a completely free update for everyone who owns CS:GO on their Steam accounts.

This new title is being developed in the latest version of Valve’s Source 2 graphics engine, offering better graphics than any other CS. It also boasts additions and improvements in terms of mechanics and the way things work in the video game.

One of the development videos presented by Valve shows how the revamped smoke grenades work in the game, a classic weapon or item in every Counter since the first debuted over 20 years ago.

Now the smoke grenades they adapt to their environment, occupying spaces in a more organic and realistic wayreacting to lighting or against bullets going through smoke and explosions.

When is Counter-Strike 2 released?

Counter-Strike 2 is expected to be a title with more professional strategies and graphic tweaks to improve and update some of the franchise’s legendary maps such as Dust 2. Also, Valve too has updated the architecture of the servers to make the game more responsive.

Counter-Strike 2 will arrive sometime in the summer, in the middle of this 2023. This will be a free update to CS:GO, and all cosmetics that players own in CS:GO can be carried over to the new version with an improved look.

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