Cyberpunk 2077 will receive the patch with Overdrive mode on April 11

CD Projekt RED has confirmed that the patch that will introduce Overdrive mode in Cyberpunk 2077 will arrive on April 11. This patch is identified as 1.62, and it introduces a new mode that improves ray tracing using the technique known as path tracing, which was already used in games such as Quake II RTX, Minecraft RTX and Portal RTX.

Overdrive mode will increase the amount of total rays per pixel, and this will improve the overall graphic quality of ray tracing. NVIDIA and CD Projekt have confirmed the main graphic improvements that this new patch will bring:

  • NVIDIA RTX Direct Illumination (RTXDI), which will make every neon light, every illuminated billboard, every car light and every light coming from TVs and screens produce more precise lighting and more realistic shadows, also generating indirect lighting on others stage elements.
  • Indirect lighting and ray-traced reflections will now bounce multiple times, whereas in “insane” mode they only bounced once. This will produce more realistic and immersive lighting, and will also improve reflections.
  • Ray-traced reflections will render at full resolution, enhancing the physics of the lighting without the need for occlusion techniques.

It is confirmed that optimizations will also be introduced to use Shader Execution Ordering (SER), limited to GeForce RTX 40, a technology that will improve performance by accelerating lightning dispatch in this game. It will also be possible to activate DLSS 3 and frame generation if we have a GeForce RTX 40.

NVIDIA today released new drivers that are ready for this patch, as well as beta-ready for Diablo IV and Resident Evil 4, among other games. They can now be downloaded from the official NVIDIA website.

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