Files suggest that Counter-Strike 2 would have a version for mobile devices

Leakers who previously reported on news related to counter strike 2before Valve officially announced it, have announced today, Thursday, the discovery of game files that suggest a possible mobile version.

The reference to “mobile” (a term commonly used to refer to mobile devices) has been found in both the Counter-Strike 2 files and the game console. As a result, all players who have access to the trial version of the game and use the command “mobile_” you will see that a number of additional features are available.

In general, the game console allows players to make a number of changes to make Counter-Strike extremely customizable. In this way, it is possible to define the size and color of the sight, the hand that holds the weapon and many more options.

The files do not give certainty that a game for mobile devices is being developed

In a post on social media, Maxim “Gabe Follower” Poletaev, one of the top Counter-Strike insiders in the world, revealed that some caveats need to be heeded on this topic. This is because it is possible that commands of the type “mobile” are traces of other games developed on Source 2 by Valve, which were released for mobile devices.

Among them are Dota Underlords and Artifact. Both games were developed with the possibility of being released for Android and iOS, making the files found in Counter-Strike 2 reminiscent of these two games and therefore appearing in the game. Anyway, the graphics engine used by Valve for the new version of the FPS facilitates portability to mobile devices.

“These scripts and console commands may just be leftovers from other games, but they don’t exist in Dota 2 or Aperture Desk Job. They exist in Dota Underlords and Artifact (games that were developed for iOS and Android). Plus, Source 2 has built-in support for mobile devices, so developers wouldn’t even need to create a new game,” he said.

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