Fortnite continues to expand, Epic Games launches a new map editor where you can earn money

It seems that Epic Games is looking to create an ultimate meta game through Fortnite. On this occasion, and after several rumors about a first-person mode and what an editor with the new graphics engine would be like. Now, and after the GDC this Wednesday, the new map editor in Fortnite for the PC community has been announced.

According to the announcement, the new Creator Economy 2.0 would be available for PC users. There, they will be able to create maps through the editor that has the new graphics engine Uneral Engine 5. In addition, and as its name explains, this program will serve to monetize the content published within the game; Epic Games explained it and said that a percentage of this income will be distributed to the creators according to the performance of their creation.

Fortnite reaches a new level of quality, now with the creations of the people

This map editor is not only characterized by having a monetization program, but also has an almost infinite range of possibilities for users. And it is that just today, we already have impressive images of some creations that demonstrate the capacity of this editor.

UEFN works hand-in-hand with Fortnite’s existing creative toolset, and teams of creators can work together across PC and consoles to develop and test islands in real time.

At the moment, we know that this will be a revolution that will explode shortly with great creations from the community, becoming a new playable bank that can be classified as “universal”. And although Fortnite is of a different style, it could mutate into a game similar to Garry’s Mod and its creative freedom.

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