He just arrived at League of Legends, but he’s going to become a big problem for Riot Games: Milio is already the best character in the entire video game – League of Legends

Milio’s debut as a new champion has been too successful and promises to give Riot Games a lot of trouble.

thousand is a real danger to League of Legends. The new champion has debuted on Summoner’s Rift with a win rate over 51%. The data may seem irrelevant or even normal. Anyone who thinks that the Riot Games game has characters with much higher success statistics will be very suspicious. However, it is truly scandalous considering that we are talking about a hero who has just entered the video game. That is to say, players have no experience with it and still they are winning many games.

One of the most powerful champions to come to League of Legends

When a well balanced champion comes to League of Legends, Typically you have a 40-45% win rate. It depends a bit on how high the complexity of said character is. The remaining path to that almost always desired 50% win rate is up to the players. As you gain experience with the hero and master the mechanics of it, you will get better results. It is a basic premise that applies to all champions of the video game In your first game with Yasuo you will probably die 15 times, but over time you will learn how to do it only ten.

Beyond this little joke, Riot Games plan your releases based on two factors: the initial win rate you’re targeting, and the growth you’ll see over time as players learn the character. Being a fairly easy champion to play, you would expect Milio to have an initial win rate of the aforementioned 45% or even slightly higher. However, the current 51.2% is too high even for a simple hero.

You’ve probably all been playing the game, at least, since Samira’s release. He is remembered as one of the most broken characters in modern League of Legends on his day of release. and won 49% of the games. That data was more significant for her because if the shooter has something, it is that she is devilishly difficult to play. Here things are not so exaggerated, but very relevant. Players are making very basic mistakes with the character and are still able to get the most out of it.

lolalytics It is the page used by the League of Legends developers to make simple queries when they cannot access their own data, which gives us a sample of its reliability. According to this website specialized in keeping records of the games played, 60.6% of the time Milio has been chosen, players have maxed out his abilities incorrectly. Most of the community is maxing Q (Ultra Mega Burning Kick) instead of W (Comforting Bonfire) or E (Warm Hugs).

The ruling is significant, because Burning Ultra Mega Kick is the worst skill to spend points on. Its function is to slow down enemies or knock them down to gain space, with the improvements obtained by leveling it up being almost negligible. In fact, in our Milio build We recommend you put a point at the beginning of the game and then leave it for the end. When we max heal or shield, the character’s win rate at all ranks is between 55.5 and 56%. Do not think that it is because many games have not been played, because in one day it has already been chosen about 250,000 timess.

It is to be hoped that Riot Games will carry out changes to the character over the next few days. It all depends on how it continues to evolve.. Milio looks like a champion with a “high floor and low ceiling” regarding the mastery of the players. However, everything indicates that his win rate will continue to increase. In fact, at current levels when players choose the right skills they already make them the best character of all. The developer usually launches new League of Legends characters in the middle of the week, precisely to have time to see its evolution and act accordingly.

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