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Movistar Riders – Rebels, the semifinals of Playoffs live

Last best of five before the final that we will have on April 1 in Zaragoza. Los Heretics are already in that final, and Movistar Riders and Rebels will play for the remaining spot this afternoon.

The riders come with everything to these semifinals after their series on Tuesday. Those of Melzhet seem to have met, and against Fnatic TQ they showed their best League of Legendswith a 3-0 with which they sent a warning to both the Rebels and the heretics. If this team is at 100% it is tremendously difficult to beatand after a rather bad sporting 2022, the azulones want to return to the top of the Super League.

Rebels has managed to get into the Top 3 of this Super League in its first year in the competition, being regular phase champions. Those from Prod1 were beaten last Thursday against Los Heretics, and they want revenge in the final in Zaragoza. Besides, the rebels already know what it is to beat Movistar Riders in the regular seasonin a map in which they knew how to exploit the weaknesses of the riders, managing to raise midgame a shortfall that was almost in excess of 10K gold. We will see if De Gea’s team is capable of knocking down a Riders that arrives full of energy.

Rebels have never been to the semifinals, but this phase is already familiar territory for Movistar Riderswho have been at the gates of the final no less than seven times, with only one title in their showcases. Four of these seven semifinals ended in defeat for the riders, three of them being against the Giants team. The last appearance of him in this phase was in 2021, and since they won the title in 2020 they have not set foot in a final againso today they have the opportunity to fight again for the Super League almost 3 years later.

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