Taylor Swift: ‘The Eras Tour’ expected to gross $728 million in the US alone

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Taylor Swift started to “The Eras Tour”, his sixth world tour after almost five years without hitting the road. The star has already performed two concerts for more than 140,000 fans in the United States and with 52 confirmed dates, the diva could break the record for the highest grossing of all time. According to the pollstar, only on North American soil, the singer should raise no less than US$ 728 million.

Photo: Getty Images (POPline use authorized)


After a firestorm involving ticket sales and angry fans at Ticketmaster, Taylor Swift managed to sell out all the entries for the 52 confirmed dates in the United States. A pollstara site specialized in tours, predicts that the “The Eras Tour” finish your first level well ahead of the “Divide Tour” in Ed Sheeranwhich holds the all-time record for highest annual gross revenue at $432 million.

This is the American singer’s second stadium tour! In the United States, Taylor Swift is playing only in NFL stadiums, places with the highest public capacity and the prediction is that it will profit no less than $728 million (little more than 2.7 billion reais).

According to some sources on the site, the expectation is that the gross average in NFL buildings will be closer to $14 million per show. It is worth mentioning that this forecast points only to the dates already schedulednot including a second leg in Europe, Asia, South America and/or Oceania.

Still according to pollstarif Taylor Swift added just 30 new dates, with grosses averaging between $12 million and $14 million dollars, “The Eras Tour” would gross a staggering $1 billion. That would easily surpass the record for the biggest tour of all time, which is held by Ed Sheeranwith $775.6 million, over 255 performances, but that took over two and a half years to be done, what Taylor would do it in less than one.



It is worth mentioning that Taylor Swift delivered an impressive performance, where he took fans on a true journey through his entire discography. The singer bet on a setlist of 44 songsin shows with more than three hours longiconic costumes and a grandiose structure.

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