Team AkuAku rules the Radiant League

The Radiant League It closes its regular season. After a chaotic campaign, we can finally talk about a single champion before starting the playoffs.

As in other categories, in the VALORANT silver category there have been surprises that did not seem like they were going to be left out in the last stages of the season and, instead, have ended up happening.

Beyond this situation throne is shared between Team AkuAku and Team Galagabut the difference in rounds in favor of the GOHAN team has made them the ones who can say that they are the kings of the Radiant League.

Before they could celebrate the championship, it must be said that the seventh and last day has once again been a scenario of draws where, apparently, none has been better than the other.

Wygers misses playoffs against league tier

The beasts will not be in the next phase after a new tie against The Last Monk. The baboons end this edition with a record in which they have added 6 draws and one loss.

On this occasion, the Lotus began it by winning the wild beasts with a great command of the defense and with blas7 and MENEZK being the most killers of your game. They hardly allowed the spike to be planted nor did TLM have some entries comfortable. When changing sides, the 4-8 with which they sent made the map look very expensive than with a good rush of these and with the duo being the best openkills left (along with thorzwer) ended up winning 6-13.

But the baboons had not finished saying everything. The Ascent was his and with another well interposed defense and a great run from round 6 they were snowballing the game until going on the attack with an 8-4.

1ndra was an absolute scandal with Sova throwing the team on his back and carrying the offensive of his own. Whether he had to open the can (although this was more together) or if he had to eradicate any rival, the goalkeeper won integers with an economy that also smiled at them.

For this reason, the 13-5 set the tables for Wygers to finish the season out of the playoffs and with The Last Monk (despite not having seen a single victory) having been judge and executioner of the entire classification.

FIVE and Serpes tickle each other

Next, the second draw of the afternoon would come from FIVE and Serpes that they did not finish the rounds in a positive way and even finish the maps due to small differences.

The Ascent, they finished it 11-13 with a give and take in which neither dominated the other. Fonk, SkYGi and Palo took the lead in the Andorran team, while Hedgehog and xJorge did it in snakes.

This very close duel ended up deciding for Serpes that in two good defenses at the end of ordinary time they signed the first point.

Given this, FIVE took a step forward and closed the second map with a bit more authority. Haven finished with a 13-9 that raised the tables on aggregate.

Fonk and Palo were immeasurable with the Astra and the Jett that moved freely everywhere making the blackboard their playground. The 10-2 deficit in the first half was going to be difficult to overcome, but even so, Serpes got based on defuse cut distances Getting to 12-9, but the short margin of action meant that it was finally concluded in the next round and that the result of the snakes was a mere make-up of the first part.

However, neither of them played anything after the defeat of Wygers, so it was the most comfortable result for both squads.

Team Galaga leaves the lead in a very close tie

Perhaps the title that reads the match between Team Galaga and MIV does not make it very clear why Galaga has not been champion because in effect it has the same points as Team AkuAku which we will talk about later.

But where Galaga has slipped (which with the same tie could have earned him to be the king of Radiante) is in the difference in rounds and that is that the sailors complicated a match that not only won the Lotus 11-13, but also in the Haven they did not have so many facilities to be able to close it as soon as possible and recover the differential.

Going into the details of the match, MIV left Galaga without IGL in a good part of the rounds which made his offensive facet diminish more than necessary. Under the theory came the turn of the practice leaving a 2-10 in the first part where MIV based its board on Michel and Faska who also took advantage the exchange of Ralle for Foitte that he could persuade them, but it was already seen in the second part that not so much.

The comeback and almost overtime came close in the second section with a bulky defense and almost impenetrable by MIV. The miracle almost touched him, but the match point came in the last round to sign the first point.

With that spectacular comeback, Haven led it with greater authority and maintaining a defensive approach in which Ridder’s Jett led the plays. Both being the openkiller and the most critical when it comes to taking down rivals, the duelist knew how to throw the team on himself and add rounds.

Nevertheless, MIV had not finished playing and in the second part the sailors narrowed the differences, reaching 11-10. Despite the scare, Galaga managed to put in a couple of more rounds, eliminating the entire roster and securing a 13-10 tie while waiting for Team AkuAku’s results.

Team AkuAku takes off his mask to be the king of the Radiant League

At the end of the regular season, Team AkuAku draws against their staunch rival Melilla Titans. We had already been seeing through the networks the pique that the two teams were bringing and it is that from the Storm Circuit The two have been hitting each other.

Once again, this rivalry would determine the result (favorable again) that would make those of xKyjote campaign champions.

Despite the draw, what finished securing the throne was the loose match they made in Haven, which they won and thus ended the regular season in general.

Starting from the Fracture, the 5-7 of the first half already made it clear how tight everything was going to be between the two. However, Mind led the team as the most killer accompanied by the Neon de ziborc who lacks adjectives to define his ability to openkiller.

With everything open, in the second part, the good work that the titans did in defense was worth it so that, despite the rounds that AkuAku scratched, putting the 11-12, he ended up opting for Melilla Titans by 11-13.

Where it all ended was 13-5 in which the boys from pukytoo. Going as a block and breaking the defenses of the titans, they opened a gap with a clear positioning to force a entries aggressive and disruptive. Even so, the first part ended with the same result as the previous map, but with the difference of a formidable block from AkuAku that they didn’t let get hurt.

Just planted the spike that will defuse and five rounds of elimination were worth a bulky result in which the differential put them ahead in the standings and with it they took the regular season.

A Radiant League that has been full of sudden changes, leaders who did not have a clear forcefulness and that has ended up being resolved at the last minute. It’s time for the playoffs where it’s time to show that the four who have won this special ticket deserve to be in this final four.

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