The best Fortnite Creative mode 2.0 codes: these are the best maps

What many have been waiting for is now available at Fortnitewith the arrival of the creative mode 2.0 and, obviously, the new creations of the user community are already beginning to be available.

Although, for the moment, these new creations of the creative mode 2.0 for Fortnite are mixed in with the previous creations, chances are you’ll be able to tell them apart once you start playing.

At the moment the offer of games created by the community in creative mode 2.0 is scarce, but of those that already exist, we want to make a series of recommendations for you to start enjoying them.

So we are going to give you the exact Fortnite 2.0 creative mode map code, and a description of each of these levels.


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The best Fortnite Creative mode 2.0 codes: these are the best maps

First of all, we want to help you differentiate if a level is created with creative mode 2.0 or with the old one.

The dev team’s idea is to clarify this with a little label, but while it’s coming, you can look at a number of things to see if what you’re enjoying has been done with Creative 2.0.

For starters, levels created using Fortnite’s Creative 2.0 mode often feature cutscenes that play before the actual map, replacing the previous countdown in older levels.

And of course, once you start enjoying these levels, you’ll see a lot of new things that aren’t available in the original Creative mode maps.

Best maps of Fortnite creative mode 2.0

Forest Guardian – 0348-4483-3263v27

We must travel through a forest following an ancient-looking dragon, and although we will start armed with a single pickaxe, we will begin to have new weapons to fight against all kinds of animals and other enemies to please the dragon.

The Space Inside – 9836-7381-5978v1

We will appear in an escape room, while we must discover the mystery of the environment, and from a first-person perspective that you will love.

Deserted: Domination – 8035-1519-2959v2

We can choose from a set of classes and participate in combat in a game mode similar to what we see in Call of Duty.

Claim – 1135-0371-8937v2

We will appear in a spaceship in a kind of 5v5 team deathmatch, in a more experienced multiplayer experience.

Gemstone Tycoon – 6265-7588-5080v3

It’s basically a factory role-playing minigame, where we have to explore a facility that refines precious stones.

Pirate Adventure – 2810-0903-5967v2

It is a very detailed map, and it has its own level system, so it seems that we will be enjoying a pirate role-playing game.

Although many more maps will be included for the creative mode 2.0 of Fortnite, you already have a first batch that you can enjoy.

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