The future of skins with the arrival of Counter-Strike 2

Day 1 after one of the most important updates in video game history. Even though there are still people assimilating all the newsit is very important to highlight what happens with one of the pillars of the shooter: the skins. The statement itself highlights that all skins will be available in Counter-Strike 2 without problemssomething that was already evident since the first rumor of Source 2. Also, if you are one of the lucky ones who has the betayou can now enjoy your aspects within Dust 2. As expected, the market of Steam has been benefited and the price of many of the skins has gone up considerably.

the market of skins It is, without a doubt, the most important pillar of the video game of Valve. The amount of money that moves in these transactions and in external pages is more than important, and the developer is aware of this. For this reason, from the first moment the developers have had to be very careful that this update does not harm all the aspects that are currently in each inventory. With the new graphic engine the community of skins will not be harmed at all and even “They will look even better with the new lighting and environment” that has come to the shooter. It should be noted that others may lose their value.

The price of the skins rises with the arrival of counter strike 2

Despite everyone expecting it, the “bring your entire inventory of CS:GO to Counter‑Strike 2» with which Valve begins has been a breather for some. In addition, players who have access to the beta will now be able to enjoy their skinsstickers and characters inside it. In this way, players will be able to check which skins and stickers are better or worse within the Source 2. All of this has had a direct impact on the market. Steam. Skinsstickers, skins and boxes with a certain value have increased their price considerably during the last hours.

Price of some skins and boxes / Own compilation on Steam

In short, you can be very calm with the arrival of counter strike 2. Your inventory will be complete and even some of those skins and stickers will gain value. If you are one of those who keep boxes in your inventory, you may be surprised with their price.

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