The IES Alcántara institute presents the 4Inclusion project that improves the digital skills of teachers and students with special educational needs with Microsoft technology

  • The project, 4Inclusion, is part of the DGMakers initiative, aimed at creating useful projects for society thanks to the use of technology.
  • Those responsible for 4Inclusion have chosen Microsoft technology, such as Microsoft 365 for Education, Minecraft Education and Surface devices, among others.
  • The Murcian centers CPEE Eusebio Martínez, IES Alcántara and IES Floridablanca will participate in the initiative and students from Secondary, Primary and special education will work collaboratively.
  • 4Inclusion has the support of the General Directorate for Attention to Diversity, Innovation and Vocational Training of the Region of Murcia.

The IES Alcántara de Alcantarilla (Murcia) has launched 4Inclusion with technologyYoto Microsoft. It is an initiative in which the centers also participate CPEE Eusebio Martinezhe IES Floridablanca, and which has the support of the General Directorate of Attention to Diversity, Innovation and Vocational Training of the Region of Murcia.

The project, 4Inclusionwhich has been presented in Alcantarilla, Murcia, focuses on improve the digital skills of teachers of the Murcian region, through the elaboration of teaching materialsgicos specific about technologywent for students with special educational needs.

All these materials will be created by teams made up of students from Secondary, Primary and special education centers, supported by teachers. Initially, there will be 55 students with special educational needsmore than 200 Primary and Secondary students and more than 45 teachers.

The first elements they will work with are:

  • Use and development of materials for Irisbond eye readers next to Surface Pro 8.
  • Creation of worlds with Minecraft Education.
  • Development of visual manuals to encourage the use of accessibility resources in teachers as onenote and sway.
  • Design of Teach boxes and 3D printing with 3D Builder, physical support productsalso printed in 3D, to help students with some type of disability or difficulty to open doors, use sensors, activate mechanisms, etc., and even digital support products for the teachers themselves.
  • will also be used Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams for teamwork.

The list goes on with very creative items, such as a image sharing system for visual communication struggling studentsthe creation of special communication applications or the robot development Help them with daily tasks.

4Inclusion is part of the DGMakers initiative, aimed at creating useful projects for society using technology, and in which a total of 17 Murcian educational centers participate. Starting next year, it will be open to all centers in the Region of Murcia, using Microsoft technology.

The essential support of technologyto from Microsoft

Microsoft’s proposal for the educational field focuses on the need for education for all and on improving accessibility, personalized learning and inclusion in the classroom, especially for students with special needs. This is perhaps Microsoft’s most pronounced advantage and difference over other manufacturers. For this reason, it has been the technology chosen by the promoters of the 4Inclusion project.

“We use the technologyia Microsoft for the enormous capabilities it offers in terms of improvements in accessibility and inclusion of all students and for having software that facilitates both attention to diversity and collaborative work”, comment Ginés Ruiz, director of IES Alcántara.

For his part, Francisco J. García Calvo, Director of Educationno of Microsoft Spainnais enthusiastic about this initiative, which he considers “A very powerful educational project, which reinforces our commitment to an accessible and inclusive education to reinforce the potential of students with special needs. It is wonderful to participate in a project of such depth in the educational system in which our technology plays a fundamental role so that the curricular content reaches everyone”.

Juan Garcia Iborra, director gGeneral of Attention to Diversity, Innovation and Vocational Training of the Region of Murcia, points out that “redefining educational inclusion implies rethinking and transforming the way in which education is carried out, through sustained initiatives for school improvement and innovation. Projects like 4Inclusion promote inclusion and diversity by offering opportunities for all students, regardless of their condition or personal or social circumstances, to collaborate on projects and learn together.”

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