Age and fashion: anything goes over 40?

Angelina Jolie (47 years old), Jennifer Lopez (53 years old), Jennifer Aniston (54 years old) and Sarah Jessica Parker (57 years old) are just some of the celebrities that we have as a reference for several years for always wearing the latest fashion screams. Now Jennifer Lopez wears a dress cut outnow Sarah Jessica Parker wears a pigeon-shaped wallet

And when we move to the streets, to anonymous people, will the acceptance be the same? Are there any rules that women over 40 start to follow in order to adjust their style to their age?

Versa took advantage of ModaLisboa – where in early March designers nationals showed their new collections – to find out if there are limits on using trends according to age.

We discovered the biggest trend from the age of 40

Clara Panão, a 43-year-old dentist, always makes a point of being present at what “is a cultural and important event in Lisbon”.

We met her on the second day of the ModaLisboa shows before the Buzina show and asked if trends have an age limit. “For me, there is no limit”, she begins by saying. “But I think people have to feel good about themselves and wear what they like. I’m sorry that fashion is seen as something very futile, because fashion is a form of expression. I am a scientist, therefore, I think that the limit is each one’s own, ”she continues.

Already of the opinion that there are no personal or general limits is Rita Guedes, 52 years old. “I think there is no limit. As long as the person feels good, they can wear whatever they want”, she says. In her case, Rita particularly likes to wear color, “regardless of whether it’s winter or summer”.

Color is a striking element, but also the rhinestones, like the one that was part of the earrings that made us talk to Sandra Barbeitos, 53 years old. She has a daughter studying Fashion Design, but that wasn’t why she went to the event. She likes to stay abreast of trends, which she wears without limits.

“I don’t see fashion as a limit or age as a limit. I think that spirit, willpower, the desire to live and self-confidence, which changes throughout life, allow us to choose what we are going to wear , regardless of current trends. I strive for feeling good, but I also like to keep up with trends. Always a middle ground “, concludes.

In short, what then is the biggest fashion trend from the age of 40? feel good.

Review ModaLisboa’s images in the gallery.

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