‘Bullet Train’, ‘Die Hard’, ‘Full Speed’ and other ACTION Movies set in a single setting

Bullet train is now available on digital platforms and focuses much of its action inside a bullet train, when a group of expert assassins find themselves on board and realize that their destinies are intertwined. The train in the film is a fictional version of the real Shinkansen train – one of the fastest in the world.

This is the first time that an action film uses the incredibly fast vehicle as a scenario – at least in a large part of its narrative (since in the past features like the first Mission Impossible It is Wolverine immortal performed a specific scene using the vehicle).

With that in mind and taking this highly praised new feature as a hook, we decided to remind you of some of the iconic action films of the past that used a single setting, whether a vehicle or another location, used it as the center of their narrative and sold it on top of that. Check it out below.

Today, Steven Seagal it may even be a joke to many, but in the late 80’s and early 90’s, he rose to the rank of action star with films that were critical and public success. This one was his biggest and most ambitious project: a US$35 million blockbuster produced by Warner and directed by Andrew Daviswhich the following year would make him nominated for an Oscar The Fugitivewith Harrison Ford. Here, Seagal played a decorated military cook, who sees the battleship he is aboard being taken hostage by terrorists – as well as the entire crew -, leaving only him to save the day. And yes, it is a “Die Hard on the ship”.

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Everything that is successful and becomes a phenomenon in Hollywood soon creates its own trend. Over there, the number of “imitators” is always greater than the original ideas. The truth is that in the real world things are not that different either. Anyway, Hard to kill became a fever and soon spread its influences in action cinema to other films. Warner was one of those that acted faster and without wasting much time generated its own Die Hard “puppies”. It is very easy to imagine that this vehicle, starring Wesley Snipes (then one of the genre’s kings) was sold to executives as “Die Hard set on a plane”. And that’s exactly what he is.

The Force on Alert can be considered the biggest and most ambitious film of the career of Steven Seagal. It was also the most critically and box office success. Naturally, Warners saw not a window but an open door to a sequel. After all, rival Fox already had a charismatic hero in the forms of John McClane from Bruce Willisand Casey Ryback of Steven Seagal seemed to be a great fit for Warner as well. Thus, three years later, the studio took the sequel out of paper, which placed the protagonist this time inside a high-speed train, where terrorists threatened the world. That’s being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Well, it wasn’t quite a bullet train, but it did some damage.

You can’t talk about action movies without thinking about Hard to kill. Even today the film starring Bruce Willis and directed by John McTiernan (same as The predator) is synonymous with excellence when it comes to gender. Many may not know, but the film responsible for turning Willis into a star and name associated with crime cinema is also based on a book. Here, obviously, the whole story unfolds inside a building in Los Angeles, the fictional Nakatomi Plaza (actually the Fox Plaza, the building that contained the offices of one of the biggest studios in Hollywood and producer of the film).

The first Hard to kill was a unanimous success, so it would be very difficult for the studio not to greenlight a sequel, even if he didn’t necessarily ask for it. Even harder, naysayers predicted, would be making a film as good as the original. Well, we can say that the naysayers were wrong again. Bruce Willis returned and the plot was again based on a book (maybe that’s the secret of the franchise). The action now moved to Washington, to Dulles International Airport. The location proved to be as efficient a setting as the original building, in a plot that is perhaps even more full of twists and dazzling action.

long before John Wick and even before matrixthe good people Keanu Reeves became an action hero in the early 90’s. thrill seekers (1991) as his entry on the right foot in the genre, but it was Maximum speed that would reach new heights of success for the actor’s stardom. Maximum speed was a sensation in its time, and surprisingly stole much of the spotlight from other blockbusters, see True Lies It is The Flintstones – The Movie. The plot begins inside an elevator and continues claustrophobically inside a bus, which cannot slow down otherwise a bomb explodes. Reeves lives Jack Traven, and the film would still present us with a Sandra Bullock brand new in her career turn.

The younger generation may not believe it, but Nicolas Cage was one of the biggest action heroes of the late 90s, after winning the Oscar for best actor. Okay, that might be too much information for youngsters to take in, so we’ll focus on the movie. After doing very well in The rock (1996), several scripts of the genre arrived at the door of the actor, who at the time was indeed renowned. The first one he accepted was this one Con Air, which placed him as a tragic hero, a prisoner serving time for having killed a guy in a fight defending his wife. The so-called Con Air in the title refers to the plane that transports the convicts and that curiously puts it alongside the worst criminals in the country. When bad guys take over the airship, it’s up to Cameron Poe (Cage) to do what’s right.

There is nothing so good that it cannot be spoiled. And not always the continuation of a successful film reaches the feet of its original. not everyone can be Die Hard 2. AND Max Speed ​​2 definitely not. although the same Jan de Bont has returned to direct, the star Keanu Reeves decided to go his own way, wanting nothing to do with this continuation, which swapped the bus for a transatlantic cruise. And yes, if you think a cruiser is too slow a vehicle for an action movie called Speed, you’re completely right. Sandra Bullock returned and won the spotlight as a protagonist. And in Reeves’ absence, the bland Jason Patric. The best thing is the always great Willem Dafoe living the caricature villain.

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