‘Glass Onion’: Director Didn’t Want ‘Knives Out’ in Sequel Title

In an interview with The Atlanticthe director rian johnson revealed that he didn’t want the sequel to ‘Glass Onion‘ had a subtitle that referred to the original feature.

The filmmaker stressed the importance of creating independent films, but understands that the subtitle ‘A Knives Out Mystery‘ – direct reference to the original title of ‘Between Knives and Secrets‘ – helps guide fans as to the continuation of the saga.

“I tried to make the films in the franchise standalone. Honestly, I was a little bummed that we had the subtitle ‘A Knives Out Mystery’. I wanted the sequel to just have ‘Glass Onion’ as the title.”

He completes, “I understand. I want everyone who enjoyed the first movie to know that this is a sequel to the franchise, but the whole appeal of the saga is to do something different with each iteration.”

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It is worth remembering that the Netflix disbursed more than $400 million to acquire the rights to produce the sequels to ‘Between Knives and Secrets‘, which was one of the big surprises of 2019, earning several nominations and awards on the festival circuit and setting the stage for a new universe of mystery.

The sequels will also bring back the writer and director rian johnson.

The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay and became one of last year’s most acclaimed works.

With a budget of just $40 millionthe film grossed more than US$300 million worldwide.

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